Longmire Season 6: Netflix Release Date and Cancellation Reason

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As you may have heard by now, Netflix has renewed Longmire for one final season which will premiere sometime in 2017. We’re going to take a look as to why the show was canceled as well as when season 6 will be coming to Netflix.

Time for a quick recap as to how we got here. The show initially aired as part of A&E’s lineup. Sadly the show was canceled after TVline reported that A&E would be canceling Longmire and The Glades but had plans to shop them around. Netflix purchased and has since (including the upcoming season 6) produced three seasons of the show.

When will season 5 of Longmire be on Netflix?

Longmire was renewed fairly close to the air date of season 4. With that and Netflix’s goal at releasing new seasons for shows around a year later, it’s safe to say that we can expect the next season of Longmire to arrive around a similar time to previous seasons.

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Season 4 was added in September 2016 so a safe bet would be that it’ll release in September of 2017. With that said, because of the show being canceled which could lead to it having fewer episodes; we may see it added sooner than that.

Updated: After a long wait, Netflix has finally released the official trailer and release date for the show. It’s coming on November 17th, 2017.

Why did Netflix cancel Longmire?

Netflix obviously hasn’t decided to renew the show for a seventh season but hasn’t suggested any reasons as to why. For the recently canceled show, Bloodline, Netflix cited that the series cost too much money to continue producing. In the case of Longmire, we don’t believe this is as much as a big deal as it was for Bloodline. This is because Bloodline was being produced by Sony Pictures and costs were harder to control.

The only two reasons we can think of is that low viewing figures and plot being an issue. A&E only could produce 4.34 million at its peak and that was for season 1. The show then declined further and although Netflix doesn’t’ release figures, we suspect this decline continued. As for the story, it’s mostly down to opinion but I believe the show has been running dry on plot for a few seasons now and that a wrapup would be a perfect time for the show to go rather than continued decline.

Longmire Season 6: Netflix Release Date and Cancellation Reason

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