Netflix Pays Tribute to Stan Lee with Easter Egg

Stan Lee. Logo: Copyright Netflix. Image:

The world is currently mourning Stan Lee. He was an icon and a legend. As everyone takes to social media to pay tribute to Lee with pictures and memories, Netflix has a small contribution to make as well.

The world lost a wonderful man when we lost Stan Lee.  Celebrities, fans, coworkers, and admirers have all been sharing their thoughts on social media about the man who co-created the vast majority of the most iconic Marvel Comics properties. Netflix has done some sharing as well.

If you type Lee’s catchphrase “Excelsior!” into the platform’s search bar the results bring up movies and television shows based around Lee’s body of work. For Stan Lee, the phrase meant “upward and onward to greater glory.”

In one of his last videos Lee talks of his love for his fans and how much he appreciated it all. I think “Excelsior!” says it all.

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