Alicia Vikander Netflix Movie ‘Troll’: What We Know So Far

by Published on August 29th, 2021, 1:13 pm EST

alicia vikander netflix movie troll what we know so far

Alicia Vikander & Roar Uthaug – Picture: Getty Images

Netflix has teamed up with Alicia Vikander and director Roar Uthaug to produce Troll, a Norwegian-language action-adventure about an ancient giant troll being awakened and a rag-tag team of heroes coming together to stop it. This is not the pair’s first rodeo together having both worked on Tomb Raider. Here’s what else we know so far. 

According to director Roar Uthaug, the idea for Troll has been in development in the back of his mind for the past 20 years. That said, although, the idea for Troll is Uthaug’s, the script for the movie is written by Espen Aukan, who has worked on such projects as Vikingulven, The Games and Wettlaufers Widow.

“Troll is an idea that has been developing in the back of my mind for over 20 years. To finally be able to realize it with the enthusiastic and ambitious people at Netflix and Motion Blur is truly a dream come true. I can’t wait to unleash this Norwegian monster on the world.”

Roar Uthaug and Alicia Vikander filming Tomb Riaider

Roar Uthaug and Alicia Vikander filming Tomb Raider

David Kosse, Vice President of International Original Film at Netflix, commented:

“We are incredibly proud to bring a Norwegian project of this scale to the world together with Roar Uthaug and Motion Blur. Roar is an extremely skilled filmmaker and I’m excited for him to go back to his Norwegian roots with this ambitious, fun film.”

Producers Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud added:

“We are thrilled to bring Troll to life, a Norwegian fairy tale figure, played, directed and produced by Norwegians for the global market. We at Motion Blur are ecstatic to finally announce this collaboration with director Roar Uthaug and Netflix.”

Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud are producing for Motion Blur, they previously worked on the Netflix film Cadaver. Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Troll:

What is the plot of Troll?

Here is the official logline for Netflix’s Troll as shared by Variety:

Deep inside the mountain of Dovre, Norway, something gigantic awakens after being trapped for a thousand years. Destroying everything in its path, the creature is fast approaching the capital of Norway, with city-dweller struggling to stop something they thought existed only in Norwegian folklore.

And here is a different one from Netflix’s website itself:

When an ancient troll is awakened in a Norwegian mountain, a rag-tag group of heroes must come together to try and stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.

Who is cast in Troll?

Currently there are no cast members announced for Netflix’s Troll.

What’s the production status of Troll?

Production for Netflix’s Troll is set to start in September 2021 according to issue 1261 of Production Weekly. Filming is to take place primarily in Oslo, Norway.

What’s the Netflix release date for Troll?

When the film was initially announced in August 2020, Netflix has confirmed that it would be released sometime in 2022.

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