When will Season 4 of ‘Good Witch’ be on Netflix?

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Good Witch – Hallmark

Good Witch season 3 just landed on Netflix but as you may already know, season 4 has already started on the Hallmark Channel so if you’re looking for when the new season will hit Netflix, read on below.

The show is filmed in Canada by a British television company for an American TV network and it works. Hallmark is known for mostly making romantic comedy series so this bucks the trend a little but has grown into one of their most successful shows. As the show name suggests, this fantasy drama is about Cassie Nightingale, a mother who along with her daughter possess magical powers. Watch this show if you enjoyed Charmed as it shares a lot of the same aspects.

New seasons are added to Netflix on an annual basis but don’t necessarily match up with the actual release on Hallmark.

Good Witch Season 4 Netflix US Release Date

Here’s a quick look back at when previous seasons of The Good Witch have been added to Netflix.

Season 1 was added to Netflix back in June 2016 and season 2 was added in April 2017 and of course, season 3 just landed on Netflix in May 2018.

Finally, at the end of June 2019 after a long wait, season 4 of Good Witch has been announced to arriving on Netflix on July 2nd, 2019.

Other Netflix Region Release Dates

Netflix in the United Kingdom is the first region to get the show. Last year, season 3 was added in July 2017 not long after the show had wrapped up. We’re expecting season 4 of Good Witch to be on Netflix in the UK in summer 2018.

Netflix in Australia will also likely be getting season 4 added this year. Last year, season 3 was added in September so we expect season 4 to be available on Netflix AU by the end of 2018.

Will Good Witch leave Netflix?

Some Hallmark titles have been slowly making their way off of Netflix in recent and upcoming months. The next big title to leave will be Cedar Cove which will see all three seasons depart from Netflix in June. The reason for this is that Netflix likes newer shows. In the case of Good Witch, we think as long as new seasons are being produced, Netflix will continue getting new seasons.

When will Season 4 of ‘Good Witch’ be on Netflix?

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