‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 is NOT Set for March Release Date

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Sorry to burst the excitement bubble but Season 3 of Stranger Things is NOT scheduled for release in March of 2019. Stranger Things is the victim of yet another post gone viral on Facebook. 

So the following post was brought to our attention after scrolling through Facebook:

Sorry guys this is completely fake and season 3 will not be coming out in March 2019. Like the viral Harry Potter posts, Stranger Things is yet another victim of someone on social media spreading fake posts.

While we are just as excited as all of you for the release of season 3, we find it very disappointing that there are individuals out there creating posts like these just for a few quick likes and shares. We wouldn’t be reporting on this if it wasn’t for the fact that almost 100,000 people have shared it. Considering how popular the show is, it wouldn’t be long before a post like that would go viral.

After looking into the facebook group ‘Netflix Fans’ it is clear they are spreading fake news to advertise their merchandise. Another post they created states a false release date for The End of the F****** World. That post also had merchandise tagged in it. Avoid that facebook page like the plague, everyone.

When is the release date then?

Netflix has not officially announced it yet. Season 3 has been delayed and is expected to release in the Summer of 2019.

What’s on Netflix has a full preview of Stranger Things season 3 available right now. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates for the latest news and the official release date.

Lastly, we’ll let Dustin express our feelings in the fight against fake news:


Are you excited for the Season 3 of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below!

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