The Fall Season 4: Netflix Renewal and Release Date

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Intense British crime series The Fall follows Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), who is sent to Belfast to review the progress of a long-running murder investigation. When it becomes apparent a serial killer is at large, local detectives must work with Stella to find and capture the culprit. The search soon leads to Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) and so begins a long game our cat and mouse. As Stella’s team works tirelessly to build a case, they are met with twists and complications at every turn. It’s not a matter of whodunit, but will they get him?

After a long two year wait, fans were finally able to see what happens with the release of Season 3 recently on Netflix. The violent and shocking ending had us all on the edge of our seats, but now we are left to wonder what’s next for the series.

Will It Continue?

It was no secret, even before Season 3 was released, that Jamie Dornan would be done with the series. No matter what happened next, the monster had been caught, so the game between Stella and Spector is over. While that is good for Gibson, it’s hard for fans, because it leaves the series’ future up in the air. However, both Gillian Anderson and creator Allan Cubitt have both expressed interest in continuing the show, with Cubitt noting he is deeply interested in extending the series for another season saying:

“I don’t think I’m giving much away in saying [Season 3 is] Jamie’s last season …But that’s not to say that we wouldn’t do more of The Fall.”

As of now, the series has not been greenlit for another season, but by the end of the series the character of Stella Gibson was a much stronger and more popular character than that of Dornan. Gillian Anderson also spoke of the role and seemed eager to reprise it. However, her statement hinted that the said event might not occur in the near future.

“I’m excited by the idea of potentially revisiting it in a few years, to see what transpires in Stella’s life afterward,” she said.

The Fall has always managed to keep us in suspense. Is this their way of torturing us just a bit more? Only time will tell. Let’s hope it returns for another season!

Season 3 of The Fall is streaming now on Netflix.

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