‘The Order’ Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

the order season 3 netflix renewal status and release date

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Blink and you’ll miss it, another season of The Order has been and gone on Netflix. Season two ended in dramatic fashion, leaving many fans wondering what on earth will happen in the third season. Netflix has yet to renew The Order, but we’re keeping track of everything related to the third season, including the renewal status, release date, what to expect, and casting news.

First arriving in March 2019, we didn’t expect much of The Order, but it exceeded our expectations when it was renewed for a second season. Realistically we shouldn’t have been surprised, the series plays right into the hands of teen viewers, who typically adore supernatural dramas like The Order.

The Order Season Three Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 22/06/2020)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Netflix has yet to renew The Order for a third season as the second season has only just dropped.

It can take as short as days or up to several months for news of renewal to arrive for some Originals. The Order received a relatively fast renewal, which helped fast track the release of the second season.

We’re expecting the renewal for a third season to take slightly longer than the second. It can take Netflix up to a month to acquire all the relevant data which factors in whether or not a series is renewed.

Netflix determines whether or not to renew for some of the following reasons:

  • Total number of subscribers watching
  • % of subscribers that returned to watch season two
  • % of subscribers that completed season two
  • % of subscribers that failed to watch all of season two
  • Total number of rewatches

If you want The Order renewed for a third season, make sure to rewatch it and share your enthusiasm for the series online.

What to expect from a third season of The Order?

In the climactic season two finale, we were left with many questions for what could happen in the third season.


Is Alyssa dead?

Gabrielle, possessed by the werewolf Midnight, murdered Alyssa in the dying moments season two. The last we saw of Alyssa was her lifeless corpse being carried into the woods by Jack, who was also carrying the Vade Maecum.

The Vade Maecum houses some of the most powerful magic in the world, in particular, the literally most powerful incantation in existence. With such a powerful magical totem in his possession, Jack may find a way to resurrect Alyssa from the dead.

If Jack can successfully bring Alyssa back from the dead, there’s every chance that the missing Werewolf hide Alpha could bond with Alyssa, making her a werewolf. She already had a close bond with Salvador Grant, the previous champion of Alpha, and a like-minded individual may just be the champion the werewolf is looking for.


the order 210 jack alyssa netflix season 3 1

Can Jack save Alyssa? – Copyright. Nomadic Pictures Entertainment

Can Gabrielle escape the clutches of Midnight?

As the champion of Midnight, Gabrielle is at the mercy of the werewolf’s desire to destroy Jack and Silverback, not to mention anyone that threatens The Knights of Saint Christopher. After Midnight murder Alyssa, Gabrielle was found in the woods by Randal, comforting her as she was clearly distressed by Alyssa’s death.

The Knights of Saint Christopher may be able to remove Midnight from Gabrielle, as this was previously done to Jurgen Sawyer and Silverback. If the Vade Maecum continues to be a threat, Midnight himself maybe even willing to sacrifice himself to ensure that the magical totem cannot be used.

the order gabrielle season 3 netflix

Midnights’ influence is weighing heavily on Gabrielle – Copyright. Nomadic Pictures Entertainment

Can Lilith return to “hell”?

After being ‘rescued’ by The Knights of Saint Christopher, Lilith has shown her displeasure of being removed from her home. Lilith’s near demonic presence could bring a lot of trouble next season, especially if she is intent on returning to the dimension she was just removed from.

the order lillith season 3 netflix

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Will Vera retrieve her magic from Alyssa?

After the death of Salvador Grant, Alyssa took away Vera’s magical powers until she was granted access to the incantation Foris Factorum. After sealing away the eruption, with the help of Vera, Alyssa was able to stop a disaster from happening.

After being attacked by Midnight, Alyssa was unable to give Vera back her magical powers. With the former now considered to be dead, Vera is now magicless and unable to retrieve her power. She’ll either have to step down as a Grand Magus or by nefarious means somehow retrieve her powers.

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Can Vera retrieve her powers? – Copyright. Nomadic Pictures Entertainment

Which cast members will be returning for the third season of The Order?

After the events of the second season we can expect to see the following cast members return for season 3:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Jack Morton Jake Manley A Dog’s Journey | Midway | Infamous
Alyssa Drake Sarah Grey Power Rangers | If I Stay | Legends of Tomorrow
Gabrielle Dupres Louriza Tronco Night at the Museam: Secret of the Tomb | Zapped | Supergirl
Vera Stone Katharine Isabelle Ginger Snaps | American Mary | Freddy vs. Jason
Randall Carpio Adam DiMarco The Magicians | Radio Rebel | Zapped
Hamish Duke Thomas Elms Timeless | Motherland: Fort Salem | Project Blue Book
Lilith Bathory Devery Jacobs American Gods | Rhymes for Young Ghouls | Cardinal
Selena Durov Kayla Heller Fashionably Yours | SnowComing | Sweet Mountain Christmas

Despite her character being dead, we fully expect to see Sarah Grey return to reprise her role as Alyssa Drake,

When is the Netflix release date for The Order season three?

There was a total of 15 months in between the release of the first and second seasons.

If the third season would be to follow suit, then The Order won’t be returning to Netflix until of least September 2021.

With ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, and potential risks of a second wave it’s unclear if this will impact the production of The Order season three?

Would you like to see a third season of The Order on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!