Vagabond Season 1: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Netflix Release Schedule & Release Date

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Without contest, Netflix is undoubtedly the home of some of the best K-Dramas available to stream. Moving into the action-thriller territory, Netflix’s latest South Korean series, Vagabond, will be one of their most explosive yet. We have everything you need to know on Vagabond, including the plot, cast, trailer, Netflix release schedule, and release date.

Vagabond is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original spy-thriller created by Jang Young-Chul and Jung Kyung-soon. This is the fourth time that the writers have collaborated on and their first in six years after Giant (2010), History of a Salaryman (2012) and Incarnation of Money (2013). The series production cost an estimated ₩25 Billion, which in U.S Dollars is just under $21 Million.

What is the plot of Vagabond?

Cha Dal-Gun has dreams of becoming a world-famous action actor but works as a stunt actor. After surviving a plane crash that killed over 200 civilians, including his nephew, Chal Dal-Gun is determined to find out the truth of the accident. He unearths a hidden conspiracy behind the crash, digging up a national corruption case. His investigation leads him to cross paths with public officer/NSI agent Go Hae-Ri.

Go Hae-Ri supports her mother and young sibling as a Public Office. When she is enlisted as an agent for the National Intelligent Service of South Korea, her dreams of becoming a white agent are dashed when she becomes a black agent.

Who is in the cast of Vagabond?

The following cast members have been confirmed to star in Vagabond:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Cha Dal-GunLee Seung-GiA Korean Odyssey | All The Butlers | My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Go Hae-RiBae SuzyWhile You Were Sleeping | Dream High | Gu Family Book
Ki Tae-WoongShin Sung-RokThe Last Empress | Return | My Love From the Star
Jung Kook-PyoBaek Yoon-SikInside Men | The Taste of Money | Tazza: The High Rollers
Hong Soon-JoMoon Sung-GeunBurning | Missing | Encounter
Yoon Han-KiKim Min-JongA Gentleman’s Dignity | A Man Called God
Kang Joo-CheolLee Ki-YoungWhile You Were Sleeping | The King’s Face | Wok of Love
Min Jae-SikJeong Man-SikMiracle in Cell No. 7 | A Hard Day | Man in Love
Kong Hwa-SookHwang Bo-RaWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? | Fight for My Way | My Strange Hero
Edward ParkLee Kyoung-YoungInside Men | Haechi | Stranger
Jessica LeeMoon Jeong-HeeMama | Deranged | Wishing Stairs

Actors Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy previously worked together on the popular Korean period piece, Gu Family Book.

Why did production take so long?

Vagabond was originally scheduled to release at the end of 2018.

The reason for the long delay in release was due to scheduling issues and the Netflix deal.

The release was pushed back to May 2019, once the Netflix deal was confirmed this pushed back the release to the Fall of 2019.

Where did filming take place?

Majority of filming took place in South Korea in the city of Seoul.

Filming overseas took place in Portugal and Morroco.

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How’s the subscriber anticipation?

Suffice to say fans of South Korean TV can’t wait for the release of Vagabond.

How many episodes will Vagabond season 1 air?

The first season of Vagabond will air 16 episodes.

Technically there are 32 episodes but two episodes are broadcast a day in South Korea. With episodes airing every Friday and Saturday this means four episodes air in a week.

Will Vagabond arrive on Netflix with every episode?

Sadly not. As Netflix has picked up the series for exclusive international distribution, this means that Netflix will air two episodes a week while the series is broadcast in South Korea.

What are the episode run times?

For the South Korean broadcast, each episode is approximately 35 minutes long.

Episodes that arrive on Netflix should be around 70 minutes instead. This is because the 32 episodes that air in South Korea will be whittled down to 16 for Netflix audiences.

Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dal-Gun in Vagabond – Copyright. Sony Pictures Television and Celltrion Entertainment

Has Netflix released a trailer for Vagabond?

Netflix hasn’t released their own trailer for Vagabond but thankfully YouTube channel The Swoon has uploaded a trailer with English subtitles.

When is the Netflix release date?

The first episode of Vagabond is scheduled to release on Friday the 20th of September.

Will Vagabond be available to stream in my region?

The only region excluded from the Netflix release is South Korea. South Korean subscribers will be able to watch the series on Friday and Saturday nights at 22:00 on SBS TV.

Netflix release schedule for Vagabond

Episodes of Vagabond will arrive on Netflix on the following dates:

EpisodeAir Date
120th September 2019
221st September 2019
327th September 2019
428th September 2019
54th October 2019
65th October 2019
711th October 2019
812th October 2019
918th October 2019
1019th October 2019
1125th October 2019
1226th October 2019
131st November 2019
142nd November 2019
158th November 2019
169th November 2019

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