When is Season 4 of Hart of Dixie Going to Stream on Netflix?


Hart of Dixie is a comedy drama produced by The CW and towards the end of 2014, its forth and final season began airing on The CW. To many it was a bitter sweet season because of the series not performing as well as most had hoped. It did however entice millions around the world to become avid followers of the failed heart surgeon. Her story was touching and to many will relate on some level I’m sure.


So with October 2015 in full swing many fans will be questioning when they’ll see season 4 of Hart of Dixie joining the Netflix library. Well as we well know, The CW releases most of their content onto Netflix throughout the month of October every year and usually gets featured by our coming soon posts each month. This month it was not released by Netflix.

So we had a look back over the schedule of when it aired on The CW for some interesting reading. The 10 episodes in season 4 aired a few months later than previous seasons leading us to believe that it’ll arrive on Netflix in December/January to meet the premiere date of the show.

Otherwise we’re a little bewildered as to when the series will come to Netflix as October is usually our first guess. We don’t want to jump the gun but maybe Netflix are looking to bring on Hart of Dixie as a Netflix Original? One can dream.

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