When will Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ be on Netflix?

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Nothing beats a great horror movie. Period. Get Out has become one of the best horror titles in recent years and Jordan Peele is hoping to follow up that success with the recent release of Us. With fans running to the big screen in their hordes it won’t be long before fans will be demanding the title to appear on Netflix. So let’s find out when Jordan Peele’s Us will be on Netflix.

Us is an American film written and directed by Jordan Peele. The horror title is Peele’s second horror movie after his massively successful Get Out (2016). Us has already smashed the opening box office record of Get Out bringing in $70 Million, at the time of writing Us has already made $94 Million worldwide. Jordan Peele has shown his talent for writing original horrors with both titles received critical acclaim.

The Wilson family go on vacation to Santa Cruz to get away from their busy lives. While taking a trip to the beach, their son Jason wanders off and encounters a strange figure garbed in Red and covered in blood. That night the Wilson family awake to find 4 intruders in the driveway. When the Wilsons realize the 4 intruders are their doppelgangers the family must fight for their lives as their grotesque counterparts have murderous intent.

When Will Jordan Peele’s Us Be on Netflix?

As there are no current deals/contracts between Universal and Netflix that stipulates Netflix will receive future Universal Pictures cinematic releases. Jordan Peele’s previous title Get Out recently had a home on Cinemax’s streaming service Max Go but the title has since left the service. Now that Get Out is without a streaming home it could arrive on Netflix soon, therefore, we don’t expect to see Us on Netflix anytime soon but the chances are high that it will arrive eventually.

Will other regions stream Us on Netflix?

For Netflix UK subscribers it will be a very long wait before Us is available. Jordan Peele’s previous title Get Out has only just recently arrived for the UK after spending the previous 2 years on Now TV. Us will likely arrive on Now TV and Sky first before any other streaming service picks it up.

Like the UK, Netflix Australia has only recently acquired Get Out. If Us is not to come to Netflix Australia first, then the more likely home will be on Foxtel.

As for Canadian subscribers, there’s a great chance that Us may arrive on the horror streaming service Shudder or alternatively Crave.

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