When will Season 18 of ‘Family Guy’ be on Netflix?

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Family Guy is returning to FOX in 2019 for its 18th season. Many regions have lost Family Guy over the past few years, but some, including Netflix Canada, still get new seasons of Family Guy. Here’s when it’s coming to Netflix and a look at other regions to see if it’ll return.

As always, Family Guy will see us following the adventures of the dysfunctional family again. The series recently passed its 300-episode milestone, with The Simpsons being out in front.

Fox is still the king of animated sitcoms, although Netflix has made significant strides in recent years to catch up. With hits like Bojack Horseman, F is for Family, and the Trailer Park Boys animated series, Netflix is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the space.

Season 18 begins on Fox from September 29th onwards, likely wrapping up in May 2020.

Before we move onto the release date for regions that do carry the show, we just want to touch on the status of Family Guy on Netflix in the US and the United Kingdom.

Why isn’t Family Guy on Netflix in the US or UK?

Family Guy used to be on Netflix in the United States until Fox pulled their content away from Netflix in 2016 and 2017. We saw the majority of seasons removed in October 2017, with the remaining seasons being removed in February 2018.

Sadly, with Fox now being owned by Disney, it would appear the show’s permanent new home in the US is Hulu, which holds the majority of the seasons and, therefore, won’t be returning to Netflix.

Over in the United Kingdom, the rights lay with ITV, but the series isn’t available to stream as a whole anywhere.

When will season 18 of Family Guy be on Netflix Canada?

Canada is one of the last holdouts for getting new Family Guy seasons. Although we’re likely to see one of the older seasons leave his year, every new season of Family Guy has come to Netflix CA in September, and that’s what we’re expecting for 2020, too.

However, it’s worth noting a significant portion of the FOX library left Netflix Canada last year. More could be on the way out later, meaning Family Guy is on the chopping block.

Netflix Netherlands Family Guy S18 Release Date

Netflix in the Netherlands still carries the show, although it’s slightly slower at picking up new seasons. Season 16 was added to Netflix NL in December 2018, with season 17 expected at the end of this year.

Given this trend, we can expect season 18 to be on Netflix in the Netherlands at the end of 2020.

This release schedule for the Netherlands also applies to the other countries still holding Family Guy.

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