Are Seasons 1-20 of ‘Family Guy’ on Netflix?

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Are Seasons 1 20 Of Family Guy On Netflix

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Family Guy continues to stream on Netflix in a number of regions despite being taken off Netflix in the United States several years ago. Here’s a rundown of how many seasons of Family Guy are on Netflix where it’s still available, why it’s no longer in the US, when new seasons drop on Netflix, and more!

As the show requires no introduction and we’ve got a lot to get through, let’s not waste any further time and dive into Family Guy‘s availability on Netflix.

Why isn’t Family Guy on Netflix in the United States anymore?

We’ll begin with the United States who did at one point stream nearly the entire collection of Family Guy. The series came to Netflix as part of an expansive overall output deal Netflix had with Fox.

That deal lapsed and Fox decided not to renew instead opting to make its titles exclusive to Hulu (where Family Guy now permanently resides in the US) which at the time, its parent company had a vested interest in. Almost all of the Fox library departed in 2018 with a couple of exceptions.

According to NewOnNetflix.Info – Netflix had 11 seasons added back in September 2014 with new seasons added yearly but rotating out old ones.

At one point, Netflix had almost the entire arsenal of Fox animated sitcoms available. That includes American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers and Futurama. It’s worth noting Netflix never had access to The Simpsons.

The series eventually departed Netflix in two tranches. The first tranche (seasons 9 to 14) departed Netflix on October 28th, 2017. The remainder of the seasons left Netflix US in February 2018.

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All this means that we’re unlikely, as we reported back in late 2018, to ever see Family Guy on Netflix US again. That was made even less likely once Disney acquired 20th Television and could have implications to other regions as we’ll talk about below.

Where is Family Guy streaming on Netflix?

Many regions of Netflix are still streaming Family Guy.

This includes Netflix Canada, much of Europe (excluding the UK), some Asian regions, and South Africa. According to Unogs, 23 countries carry the same number of seasons each.

Netflix Canada had the series first added in 2016 and did see new seasons added annually.

As of September 2021, all 23 regions of Netflix carry seasons 12 through 18 which represents 140 episodes in total.

When will seasons 19 and 20 of Family Guy stream on Netflix?

If you’re in the countries listed above, you’re no doubt wondering when the newer seasons that have aired in the US will arrive.

Unfortunetely, most regions have actually been losing Family Guy seasons rather than gaining them.

Traditionally new seasons arrived every September but this year, most Netflix regions lost 3 seasons of the show rather than gaining them.

So at the moment, we’re actually predicting Netflix in the regions outlined above to lose Family Guy entirely as seasons’ rights expire.

That would mean, of course, that seasons 19 and 20 will not come to Netflix.

Where to watch Family Guy in other regions

The series will eventually leave Netflix in all regions as we’ve stated and will end up on Disney-owned platforms.

In many cases already, Family Guy is part of the permanent fixture of Disney+ and more specifically, its Star tile lineup. In the UK, seasons 1 through 18 are available on Disney+ Star.

There you have it, Family Guy‘s availability on Netflix in 2021. In conclusion, it’s on Netflix in some international regions but likely not forever.

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