When will Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD be on Netflix?

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Season 4 of Agents of Shield has been the best so far which has led many to ask the question as to when Netflix will be streaming season 4 of Agents of Shield. Given our knowledge in the field, we’re going to give you our best guess as to when it’ll be available.

The last time a new season was added was back in June 2016 when season 3 was added alongside other ABC series such as Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy.

Season 4 began premiering on ABC on September 20th, 2016 and has been dubbed as the Ghost Rider season, a Marvel character who’s often forgotten but has been revived for this season. It continues with Clark Gregg reprising his role once again as Phil Coulson who heads up a division of the Shield organizations which is featured around the Marvel universe.

Let’s first look at whether or not Agents of Shield will be staying on Netflix. To which the answer is categorically yes. We can’t foresee Netflix getting rid of a previously streamed ABC show given a recent contract with ABC’s parent company Disney. Add to that the fact Netflix also has its very own Marvel series; we don’t think they’d want to disrupt that. Add to that rumors of a crossover; it’d be foolish to think that Agents of Shield would leave Netflix.

With the show following the same release schedule as previous years, we expect that it’ll happen the same on Netflix too. That means that the series will finish up airing on ABC in May 2017 and then be added to Netflix just a month later in June 2017.

If June 2017 lapses, ABC next updates most of their shows in September 2017.

For those in the United Kingdom, you still aren’t able to stream the show as Sky currently owns the rights to air and stream on their NowTV platform.

Agents of Shield features fairly high up on our top 50 TV series on Netflix list so go check out its position there and let us know whether you think having to wait until June 2017 is fair or not.

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