White Gold Season 2: Netflix Release Date, What We Know So Far

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White Gold – BBC/Netflix

White Gold is returning to Netflix in the United States in May 2019 as the US release date has finally been announced. Here’s when White Gold season 2 will be on Netflix around the world.

Let’s start off with the good news, we are expecting to see White Gold return in 2019 and in fact, may even be here for the summer. The series was almost given an instant renewal by the BBC probably helped by the fact that Netflix acquired the international distribution rights.

Season 2 released in the UK on the BBC back in early 2019.

White Gold Season 1 Recap

Spoilers follow

At the end of the sixth episode, things begin falling into place for Vincent until he gets screwed by the guy who is helping him screw his old boss. Vincent did manage to get back with Sam although she’s yet to confess that she’s had an affair.

In season 2, Vincent is looking to pay off his debts and get Cachet Windows back on track. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go to plan with a new rival on the horizon.

Why has season 2 of White Gold taken so long?

The show was originally supposed to get another season at some point during 2018. Production began soon after season 1 finished airing and got picked up internationally by Netflix.

However, in November 2017, the production was stalled because of several sexual allegations made against the shows lead, Ed Westwick. Long story short, charges were dropped specifically because there was not enough evidence. With his name somewhat cleared, it allowed the filming to continue.

The delay in filming meant that all the cast members had to keep tight lips on any developments.

James Buckley back in September denied the existence of the second season while seemingly nodding. That’s what we got the first word that production had restarted on the show.

Who is returning for White Gold Season 2?

Everyone should be back for season 2. On IMDb, the only two who have been confirmed so far is Ed Westwick reprising his role as Vincent and Bobby Smalldridge who will return as the son of Vincent and Sam, Robbie.

Of course, James Buckley and Joe Thomas have also confirmed they’re returning for the next season.

The only person we’re not sure on returning is Nigel Lindsay who played Tony Walsh. He left season 1 by smashing up Vincent’s car.

Ed Westwick, James Buckley & Joe Thomas returning for White Gold season 2

When will season 2 of White Gold be on Netflix?

The series will air first on the BBC before coming to Netflix.

It’s now been confirmed that White Gold is part of the May 2019 Netflix lineup and releasing on May 17th, 2019.

Netflix took two months last time to pick up the first season which arrived on August 17th. It may be sooner that we get the new season or slightly later so we’re saying that it may be here as early as June 2019 or August 2019.

Will Netflix UK get White Gold season 2?

Eventually, yes. BBC keeps their titles on the iPlayer for a significant amount of time before passing the license over to another provider. As Netflix UK did eventually pick up the first season, it’s only right to assume that the second will also drop.

It took a year for Netflix UK to pick up the first season so at the moment, we’re expecting season 2 to be on Netflix UK in the middle of 2020.

Will there be a third season of White Gold?

Nothing concrete has been made available about White Gold season 3 as of yet. The director of the series has hinted at plenty of directions to take the show in the future, however.

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