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When will Season 7 of Doc Martin be on Netflix?

Among the British shows on Netflix, Doc Martin still remains one of the most popular and sharing a scattered and infrequent release schedule like most other British shows it leaves many fans confused as to when we’ll get season 7 of the show on Netflix. We’ve done some digging and here’s when we think season 7 of Doc Martin will arrive onto Netflix.

Wondering what Doc Martin is all about? We’re glad you asked. The television medical series is one of the shining exports of the UK where Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, lives in a fictional seaside town where he’s been forced to swap out his career after developing a fear of blood. His new fear causes him to be a little brash with the locals who call upon him on their every need. It’s a not a comedy but it certainly has plenty of comedic moments. It’s a British version of Hart of Dixie in sorts.

Season 6 of the show starts with Martin unable to return to his job in London after fathering a newborn and therefore it’s business as usual at the surgery.

As we mentioned above, British shows have irregular and often infuriating timelines with regards to their release dates and Doc Martin is no different. The show airs every other year with 8 episodes (since season 3) in September. Season 7 of the show aired in the UK from 7th September 2015 to 2nd November 2015, so we know there’s a season waiting in the wings to be added to Netflix it’s just about finding out when.

Looking back through our archives we can see that season 6 was added way back on Netflix in December 2014 and we suspect we can see a similar story here too. The release date onto Netflix doesn’t make sense with regards to any promotional acitivity because if there is a season 8, that won’t air on television until the following September. But given how consistent with contracts Netflix are, we can firmly predict that season 7 of Doc Martin will be streaming on Netflix from December 2016.

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