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Last updated: August 18th, 2022

Netflix in November 2021 began releasing weekly hourly data for the top 10 movies (English and Non-English) as well as TV shows (English and Non-English). Sadly, the Netflix top 10 site is not the easiest to browse when wanting to find out how well a particular show has done. Below, we’ve built a title search that allows you to find out how well a show has performed globally with the available hourly data. 

All data is sourced from Netflix’s Top 10 data site. New data releases every Tuesday around 8 PM GMT.

Note: Netflix top 10 data begins from July 4th, 2021 and currently goes up to August 14th, 2022

Showing Results for Red Notice

Netflix Original Title
Added to Netflix: November 12th, 2021
Description: An FBI profiler pursuing the world's most wanted art thief becomes his reluctant partner in crime to catch an elusive crook who's always one step ahead.
Language: English
Total Hours in the Global Top 10s: 453,990,000 Million Hours

Week PeriodHours Viewed(M)Week RankWeeks in Top 10
November 7th, 2021 to November 14th, 2021148,720,00011
November 14th, 2021 to November 21st, 2021129,110,000 (-13%)12
November 21st, 2021 to November 28th, 202150,650,000 (-61%)13
November 28th, 2021 to December 5th, 202125,400,000 (-50%)34
December 5th, 2021 to December 12th, 202118,010,000 (-29%)25
December 12th, 2021 to December 19th, 202112,710,000 (-29%)46
December 19th, 2021 to December 26th, 202112,140,000 (-4%)77
December 26th, 2021 to January 2nd, 202214,540,000 (+20%)58
January 2nd, 2022 to January 9th, 202211,090,000 (-24%)69
January 9th, 2022 to January 16th, 20228,710,000 (-21%)610
January 16th, 2022 to January 23rd, 20227,310,000 (-16%)811
January 23rd, 2022 to January 30th, 20226,540,000 (-11%)612
February 20th, 2022 to February 27th, 20224,970,000 (-24%)1013
July 24th, 2022 to July 31st, 20224,090,000 (-18%)1014
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