Christmas Movies Coming to Netflix in December 2016

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A fair few Christmas titles are coming to Netflix throughout the month of December 2016, and we’re going to preview each one below. Naturally, don’t expect hundreds of new Christmas titles and you certainly shouldn’t expect massive Christmas movies such as Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or such.

This list does feature a lot of TV movies and Netflix exclusives which make Netflix the ideal home for your Christmas entertainment over the holidays. You can see the full list of what’s coming to Netflix in December 2016 on our preview page.

Angels in the Snow (2015)

December 1st


Clearly going for the Love Actually audience, this TV movie released at the tail end of last year to relatively mixed reviews. It tells the story of a family looking to get away from the struggles of life in a mountain cabin made by the father.

Merry Kissmas (2015)

December 1st


This TV movie also released last year, stars one person whose only wish is to find true love and with her current partner this isn’t the case. She then meets the perfect man and then has to choose between the perfect man and the perfect life.

Uncle Nick (2015)

December 1st


This movie stars comedian Brian Posehn who stars as the drunk Uncle Nick. The movie comes from Chris Kasick and is essentially another Bad Santa clone but not quite as good. You’ll recognise some of the other cast members here too and while critics hated the movie, it’s received some good reviews from Joe Public so you’ll need to make your own decision on this one.

The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

December 1st


This TV movie that first premiered on The Hallmark Channel will make most rom-com fans very pleased to have a Netflix subscription over the holidays. It tells the story of a girl searching for a promotion when selling a property only to find out that it’s being haunted by a ghost and a ghost she just so happens to fall in love with.

Fuller House (Season 2)

December 9th


Fuller House season 2 while not a full Christmas series was considered be to enough of one to warrant pushing forward the release date. The first season released in February 2016 and season 2 looks to continue the story of the Tanner girls who have moved back into their childhood home after hard times hit.

We’re expecting a thanksgiving and Christmas episode at the very least in season 2 and to be fair, Fuller House is a perfect cosy binge-watch.

Ricardo O’Farrill: Christmas Special (2016)

December 12th


There’s plenty of new stand-up comedy coming in December 2016 but Ricardo O’Farrill has specifically called his special a Christmas special, hence being on this list. This is a Spanish speaking title so you’ll need to brush up before diving in.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (2016)

December 25th


Although you wouldn’t consider Captain America: Civil War as a Christmas Movie, that’s now been changed given its release date on Netflix. The latest Marvel movie comes to Netflix as part of the new Disney deal where new theatrical releases come to Netflix just months after their initial releases.

This is by far the biggest Marvel movie to date featuring a massive amount of heroes that we’ve come to know over the past few years and it all ends with perhaps one of the biggest hero battles of all time. It’s glorious and can be watched on Christmas day on Netflix.

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