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It’s time for everyone’s favorite post of the month where we detail all of the new movies, TV shows, documentaries and Netflix Originals coming up in February 2016.

This month, much like January, we’re getting a massive dump of big Netflix Originals whether it be the debut season of Fuller House or the first season of Love or some of the Netflix Kids Originals getting their annual updates.


TV Series


Make no mistake, this is the month of Netflix Originals on the service but for those of you that have already seen our Original preview, there’s plenty of other network shows coming up in February 2016. First up is the second half of season 7 of Mad Men. Fans have been desperate to see how Don Draper finally throws in the towel from the world of 60’s advertising. It’s been a great ride for Mad Men and really has been a staple in AMC’s programming and while we’re sorry to see it end, we’re glad we can now enjoy the complete collection on Netflix.

Coming this month just before it’s season 2 debut on AMC is Better Call Saul. The show that has everyone talking is all about the lawyer who was made famous in Breaking Bad. Rewinding the clock it gives us an insight as to how Saul got his big break in the industry. With the production value of Breaking Bad along with most of the cast and crew returning this one is too hard to turn down. Returning to Netflix US this month is The Returned season 2 that continues the mystery of the small French town that has the dead coming back to life.



As with most months on Netflix the best of the movies are arriving on the first. We’ll kick off this month with Johnny English and don’t let the name deceive you, this isn’t the 007 movie you are looking for. The spoof movie starring Rowan Atkinson that later went onto get a sequel in 2011 comes to Netflix on the first. It’s stupid, funny and well worth a watch.

Our next pick stars Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis in this predominantly black and white flick released in 2005. Sin City just this year got a new movie so we’re happy to see the original (that’s far better by the way) coming to Netflix on February 1st. Finally and rounding out our movie picks for February is Star Dust. Starring Daredevil’s Charlie Cox and Homeland’s Claire Danes, this fantasy epic took everyone by surprise in 2007 and remains one of my personal favorite fantasy movies of all time.

Preliminary List of Titles Heading to Netflix in February 2016

February 1st

  • A Picture of You (2014)
  • Armageddon (1998)
  • Better Call Saul (Season 1)
  • Charlie’s Angels (2000)
  • Collateral Damage (2002)
  • Cruel Intentions (1999)
  • A Faster Horse (2015)
  • Full Metal Jacket (1987)
  • Game Face (2015)
  • Jennifer 8 (1992)
  • Johnny English (2003)
  • The Little Engine That Could (2011)
  • The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (Season 1)
  • Losing Isaiah (1995)
  • Masha’s Tales (Season 1)
  • My Side of the Mountain (1969)
  • Para Elisa (2012)
  • Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (2014)
  • Pokemon: XY (Season 1)
  • Scooby-Doo (2002)
  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)
  • Sin City (2005)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
  • Stardust (2007)
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
  • Teen Witch (1989)
  • Tin Man: “Search for the Emerald” (2007)
  • The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom (2011)

February 2nd

  • Land Before Time: XIV: Journey of the Brave (2016)

February 3rd

  • I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

February 4th

  • Love (2015)

February 5th

  • Care Bears & Cousins: Season 2
  • Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado
  • Mad Men: Season 7: Part 2
  • Turbo: F.A.S.T.: Season 3

February 6th

  • Lila & Eve (2015)

February 10th

  • Dope (2015)
  • The Girl in the Book (2015)

February 13th

  • The Face of Love (2013)

February 15th

  • Open Season (2006)
  • XXY (2007)

February 16th

  • Asthma (2015)
  • Atonement (2007)

February 17th

  • The Returned (Season 2)

February 19th

  • Cooked (Season 1)
  • Love (Season 1)

February 22nd

  • 3rd World Cops 2 (2015)

February 23rd

  • Bare (2015)

February 24th

  • Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! (2015)

February 26th

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)
  • Fuller House (Season 1)
  • Theo Von (2016)

February 27

  • Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

February 29th

  • Ashes and Embers (1982)

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