When will ‘Queen of the South’ Leave Netflix?

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when will queen of the south leave netflix

Queen of the South – Picture: USA Network

Queen of the South came to an end after its fifth season on USA Network and is now streaming on Netflix around the world. With a season 6 of Queen of the South not happening, that means that the clock has started ticking down to when we can expect all five seasons to leave Netflix. Here’s our best current estimate as to when that will be. 

Developed by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, Queen of the South concluded last year after its 62-episode run. The show follows Teresa Mendoza, played by Alice Braga, who starts from humble beginnings to building a vast drug empire.

Netflix US received the final season in April 2022 while Netflix internationally added the final season earlier in the year.

When will Queen of the South leave Netflix US?

We can provide a fairly accurate estimation as to when Queen of the South will be leaving Netflix in the US. Given that Queen of the South came to Netflix as part of a large deal with NBC Universal Television, we can look at previous removals and how that pertains to the eventual Netflix removal.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Royal Pains added its final season to Netflix back in May 2017 and eventually departed in May 2020. That’s a three-year period.

The most recent example is Colony seasons 1-3. All three seasons of that show are leaving exactly three years following the final season’s addition to Netflix.

Applying these dates to Queen of the South, we’re expecting all five seasons of Queen of the South to leave Netflix on April 7th, 2025.

Once the show leaves Netflix, you can expect it to take up a new permanent residence on Peacock which is owned by NBC Universal.

When will Queen of the South leave Netflix internationally?

Internationally you’ll likely have a lot longer to watch all five seasons.

Based on White Collar, which left Netflix US after 3 years and internationally after 5, we’re expecting that Queen of the South will be leaving Netflix in March 2027 at the earliest.

queen of the south netflix

Queen of the South – Picture: USA Network

If you’ve finished all five seasons of Queen of the South and are looking for more, why not check out La Reina del Sur which is streaming on Netflix as an Original series in many regions. It’s a great pick because the USA Network show is based on this Spanish-language series. There are 123 episodes of La Reina del Sur to watch in total.

Will you miss Queen of the South when it eventually leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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