Are Seasons 1-11 of ‘Modern Family’ on Netflix?

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Modern Family – Picture: 20th Television

Modern Family has just wrapped up its monumental run on ABC with 11 seasons and exactly 250 episodes under its belt. Is all 11 seasons of Modern Family on Netflix, will they be coming to Netflix and what are the long term streaming plans? Let’s take a look below.

Modern Family is the biggest sitcom in ABC’s history and is coming to a close after it broke the record for longest on the US network. The show is about three generations of a family with different views and circumstances and how they all get along.

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Will Modern Family be on Netflix in the United States?

Unlike the last time we touched on Modern Family on streaming, the show coming to an end means the licensing will now switch into a new phase.

As we’ve seen with The Big Bang Theory, the series entire rights come up for grabs after the season finale. In that case, CBS sold the rights to HBO Max.

So who will get the long term rights in the United States? Well, our money isn’t on Netflix. Despite the show airing on ABC, the series is actually distributed by 20th Television, on of the divisions of Fox. As we know, Disney bought out Fox recently.

So our best guess is that in the next couple of years, Disney+ or Hulu (or both?) will likely get the entire 12 seasons available.

For now, the final season is available on Hulu but you’re reliant on VoD services to be able to watch the entire back library as of April 2020.

What about Netflix UK, CA or AU?

In the United Kingdom, the series remains available on Amazon Prime (with 7 seasons) and NowTV (with 4 seasons) and it coming to Netflix seems unlikely.

In Canada, only one season is available to stream with Amazon Prime carrying that.

In Australia, Foxtel is the only provider that has Modern Family with nine seasons available on Foxtel Now.

Outside of the US, Amazon Prime could be a likely contender for the long term streaming plan but likewise, it could be a big pull for Disney+ too.

What regions are streaming Modern Family?

Despite all of the above, some Netflix regions are streaming Modern Family.

These regions, according to Unogs, include Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

With that said, now the show has concluded its long term future on these regions is unclear.

Some have reported success in switching to these regions using a VPN to watch Modern Family but we’d advise against it.

That’s all we know about the streaming rights to Modern Family and sadly, it doesn’t look like Netflix is going to be the home for the comedy anytime soon.

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