Arrested Development Season 5 Confirmed But No Release Window

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We sympathise greatly with fans of Arrested Development, the show’s history hasn’t been stable and with the Netflix deal coming in a few years back, the usual promised annual release when it comes to the Netflix Originals wasn’t granted to Arrested Development either. Rumours and rumblings have been growing ever present as of late and at long long last, we finally have some actual news regarding the fifth season of Arrested Development.

The show’s history as we’ve just mentioned has been little bit chaotic to say the least. Fox ran the first three seasons from 2003 through to 2006 and it was then many long years before Netflix picked up the license and produced 15 new episodes of the show. Now with three more years passing it looks like the new season could only be years away.

The show’s creator Mitch Hurtwitz who not only has Arrested Development under his belt but other shows such as Running Wilde, Sit Down Shut Up and even had a stint being involved in The Ellen Show is working on plenty of Netflix projects including one that’s literally about to release on Netflix in the form of Lady Dynamite.

In a long interview with Esquire, the show creator has stated that season 5 is “definitely going to happen” with all the pieces in place to make it happen leaving the only thing to do now is to just make it happen.

When asked about season 5 this is what Mitch had to say:

I’m always trying to move forward with that project regardless of what else is going on in my life. One of the challenges has been a big studio owns it and they don’t make TV this way typically. They sign actors for multiple years of a show, and then they shoot. We’ll get half of the actors available and we won’t quite commit to making the deal, then we’ll lose the other half of the actors. I spent some time in the writers room developing an outline for the next season or seasons if we’re able to make a deal. I’m trying very hard to get it done because we have a great story to tell. The clock is ticking.

There we have it, we’re no closer to a release windows or any solid details about season 5 other than we know it’s definitely going to happen at some point in the future. So until we hear more about a new season of Arrested Development, we’ll just have to watch over the previous seasons a couple dozen more times. Oh well.

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