Atypical Season 3: Renewal Status and Release Date

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Atypical season 2 is now out and the Netflix drama continues to gain steam from the first season. Will Atypical be returning for a third season and when will it be released on Netflix? Let’s find out in our ongoing season 3 preview. 

While this show is another high school dramedy, it takes a more serious approach as the main character has autism. The first season saw Sam (played by Keir Gilchrist) set out to find a girlfriend to mixed results. In season 2 we see Elsa and Doug come out of their marriage crisis and Casey joins and has to adjust for a new school and Sam is preparing for life post-school.

Season 3 Atypical Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last updated: 10/24/2018)

Original Story

With multiple story threads unfinished and the fact that none of the cast has any major upcoming longterm projects indicates that the show fully intends to go into season 3. As for when season 3 would release, it’s been releasing new seasons yearly meaning we’d expect season 3 to arrive in summer or fall 2019.

How can you help get Atypical renewed for season 3?

It’s really simple, just watch the series and get your friends to watch too.

Updated renewal

After a month and a bit since season 2 dropped on Netflix, the streaming service has officially greenlit the show on Twitter.

What to expect in season 3

The most pressing matters that we’ll want to be addressed in season 3 actually don’t relate to Sam at all. In fact, it’s all do to with Casey’s new relationship which was one of the main talking points throughout season 2. The end episode wrapped Sam’s time at school up nicely with him truly realizing who his friends are. Now that graduation is finished, we’ll likely now see Sam head off to college or into the workplace.

The show’s creator originally set out to create a show that was about a family as opposed to just Sam. The show’s creator Robia Rashid told Variety

“Netflix felt like a place where creators had room to explore a little bit and I definitely knew that this show needed space,” adding “I want there to be edge and heart, so I knew that a place where there’s this freedom to explore with tone and content would be a great home for this show.”

This indicates that there are multiple directions future seasons could take even going as far as to focus on another family.

What the fans are saying about Atypical season 2 and season 3?

Reviews for the second season in some places even surpassed the first season. Some fans have already binged through season 2 already and are already crying out for more episodes.

What To Watch in the Meantime

Netflix has some good alternatives and some added bonus content for you to watch while waiting for Atypical season 3.

If you’re looking for some similar shows to watch here are some suggestions:

  • If you loved the relationship between Casey and Izzie, then you’ll absolutely love Everything Sucks!, even though it got canceled.
  • As we’ve recommended before, The Fundamentals of Caring has many similar tones to Atypical.
  • If you’re looking for a high school drama there have been a slew of new movies added over the past few months including To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and The Kissing Booth.

Let’s look at the bonus content. On YouTube, you’ll find a behind the scenes video where we take a look behind the autism support group.

Do you want to see Atypical return for a season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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