Doubts Surround Season 3 of Netflix Original Happy Valley

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A slew of British television programs have found great homes on Netflix and Happy Valley is among the best of the bunch but season 3 of Happy Valley is looking more and more out of reach as both the shows creator and lead actress have expressed doubts of a third season.

In the US, Happy Valley is marketed and sold as a Netflix Original but its origins come from the BBC in the United Kingdom. The show was bought as a Netflix Original to sit alongside other BBC content such as Sherlock, Peaky Blinders, Cuckoo and River.

Season 2 came to a dramatic conclusion and while we won’t leave spoilers here, you’ll want to watch the ending. The ending has left many fans reeling and desperately wanting a third season. There’s conflicting reports as to whether and when there’ll be a third season.

The show’s creator Sally Wainwright, who also has a hand in Last Tango in Halifax, Scott and Bailey and Unforgiven has expressed that’d she’d love to create another season but said that it’d be extremely delayed given her roles in a pleather of other shows.

The show’s main star however has ruled herself out of the running of a third season stating that she’s not keen to reprise the role stating that “It’s the end of the story for Happy Valley” then going onto explain how they’ve set out to tell a story and have finished it.

British shows are notoriously known for having a shorter amount of seasons compared to US shows and that can often be frustrating as we only dip our toes into the worlds created here. On the flip-side you could look at the quality over quantity argument too.

So if season 3 happens in the next few years, you can expect another actress/actor to take the lead role but for the moment you’ll just have to watch the first two seasons a few more times as it’s safe to say that the show is officially on hiatus.

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