Fans look to Netflix to Revive ‘Deception’ from ABC

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Months after ABC dropped Deception after one season, fans are taking to social media and other platforms to ask Netflix to renew their show for a second season. Here’s what we know about why the show was cancelled, whether Netflix could revive it and how you can help make it so. 

ABC has cleaned house with some of their lowest-performing shows. Designated Survivor was one of the biggest casualties from their catalogue in recent years and as you know, Netflix recently picked that up as an Original.

The series follows the FBI who have teamed up with a top illusionist/magician who helps them solve crimes. The premise is somewhat similar to White Collar (which recently left Netflix).

The show aired on ABC but was actually produced and distributed by Warner Brothers. Netflix has several ongoing projects with this production company such as the recently release Sabrina.

Is the show on Netflix?

The show has yet to drop on Netflix in any region.

Why did the show get canceled?

When ABC canned 7 shows earlier this year, it didn’t give reasons for each show. Normally, it has to do with poor critical reception or most importantly, poor viewing figures.

Why it’d make a good fit for Netflix

Many fans argue that the show would make the perfect fit for Netflix. With it dropping White Collar from USA Network earlier this year and crime procedurals still popular on the service, it may be a good replacement.

How you can get the show revived on Netflix?

As always, there are multiple ways of getting shows revived but the key one is to make your voice heard. Social media is one of the best ways to do it and fans on Twitter are doing that in droves. Popular hashtags include #SaveDeception and #PickUpDeception.

You can also use the official way of requesting shows to Netflix using the title request feature.

You can also sign the largest petition for the show’s renewal which has been pitched to Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

What do you think? Should Netflix pick up Deception and give it a second season? Let us know in the comments.

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