First Look at Original Documentary “My Beautiful Broken Brain”

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If documentaries are your thing, then My Beautiful Broken Brain is sure to pique your interest when it launches alongside the other Netflix Originals in March 2016. Documentaries has been a strong point for Netflix for quite some time now, winning multiple awards for their groundbreaking documentaries The Square and Virunga or gaining viral status with their Making a Murderer series last year.

My Beautiful Broken Brain offers a different tale opposed to crime or military conflict and focuses on a more personal story with a girl who had her life transformed after a near fatal stroke.

The story is of Lotje Sodderland that grew up as any other normal teenager would and was/is a very intelligent individual that suffered from a young woman’s cerebal haemorrhage and since then has gain almost what you’d call a super power. Her life changed as she now sees sound in colors which was actually a power featured in the final season of Heroes. From the trailer it looks like it’ll be an emotional journey to experience what she’s gone through and no doubt inspiring too.


Lotje Sodderland Pictured Above is the Subject of My Beautiful Broken Brain

The documentary was acquired by Netflix fairly recently but the documentary actually started out as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 meaning it’s now been three years in the making. Just shy of £40,000 ($57,000) the documentary has gone on to show at many film festivals including winning awards at the IDFA. Netflix has secured the documentary to distribute globally.

It’s also worth noting that musician Nick Ryan will be producing the music for the documentary who he himself has distorted sound hearing that the documentary makers says can “empathetically soundtrack her story”.

The documentary is due to be added to Netflix on March 18th 2016.

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