Netflix Announces Original Kids Series “Beat Bugs”

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Beat Bugs on Netflix

Netflix is on a hot streak with its Netflix Original Kids series and today the lineup expands once again. In this new series the collaborations with musicians will span across the globe.

Inspired by The Beatles it’ll be a music focussed Original with artists from the likes of P!nk, Sia, James Bay and Eddie Vedder on the bill along with plenty of others. The calibre of acts on the bill is impressive and will be covering iconic Beatles tracks including Yellow Submarine and All You Need Is Love. Over 50 songs are currently scheduled to be in the first season alone.

The show will be for many parents, a way of introducing them to music otherwise cut off to them by other platforms and entertainment sources.

The show in terms of its visuals gives of strong vibes of Bugs Life while also having the colours and feel of The Magic Roundabout movie released a few years ago.

The show is being crafted by Josh Wakely and will premiere in Australia first before being added to Netflix globally from August 2016 onwards. In fact it’s one of the first titles to be produced out of Australia for Netflix.