‘Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance’ Won’t Return Season 2 at Netflix But There’s Good News

Although a second season has been written, Netflix opted not to move forward but the show will live on...

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Gymnastics Academy A Second Chance Season 2

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It’s been two years since Netflix debuted Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance, following the 2021 Netflix film A Second Chance Rivals! but we’re sad to report that season 2 won’t be on the way, but the show is and will continue to live on in other ways.

The show’s future was addressed multiple times on a TikTok video first posted in late 2022 with Stella (who plays Tess) and Jada-lee (who plays Kyra) imploring fans to keep spreading the word to help the show’s future. The video is embedded below, but in it, they say:

“One big question that everyone has been asking is that will there be a season 2? I love this question. So we’re very proud to say season 2 has been written, already has been written.  Tell all your friends about it, keep watching it, because all we need is the A OK from Netflix. So yes, we can’t say again, it has been written which is so exciting.

We want a season 2, we know that you guys want a season 2 as well, so make sure you keep bingeing it, keep watching it. And hopefully we have a season 2! Hopefully, fingers crossed.”

It’s been two years since that video came out. That video comment section remains very active, with the account creator remaining very active, but as recently as April of this year (2024), they still confirmed that Netflix is not moving forward with season 2.

In a comment late last year, they implied that Netflix had passed on a season 2 and instead said, “Season 2 will now only be in the book series!”

The Story Continues With Books and Mini Episodes

From there, we can see how the series is set to continue away from Netflix. If we look at the Gymnastics Academy website, we can see there are three books on the way and two mini-episodes already released on YouTube.

Three books are also set to continue the story, with the first being released in October 2023. Here’s a rundown of each of the books:

  • Best Friends Forever! (Book 6) – Released in October 2023
    • “Kyra, Tess, Scarlett and Li arrive back at the Coreega Gymnastics Academy after summer break ready for the new year. Kyra has a new competitor for top spot Georgina, a new gymnast at the club. In the first competition of the season Kyra, Tess and Scarlett get beaten badly. Maddy tells the girls “you’re only as good as your last result.” The loss sets off division in the team. Kyra takes losing badly and blames Maddy who is spending more and more time training for her own upcoming Olympic trials. Kate and Shane get devastating news leaving Maddy without a coach. Kyra is faced with an impossible decision.”
  • Girls Rule! (Book 7) – Releasing May 2024
    • “Maddy has less and less time to coach Kyra, Gabby fuel’s resentment in Kyra towards Maddy for her own ends. Georgina reveals a secret that has devastating effects on the team. Gabby schemes to take over the club for her own self interests. Gabby takes over causing huge division in the elite girls with surprisingly Kyra the one supporting Gabby. Maya tries to convince Kyra not to trust Gabby but Kyra won’t listen. Scarlett kicks a massive goal for own well being. Beccy has a big decision to make. Tess and Maya work together to get through to Kyra and uncover what Gabby is really up to.”
  • Maximum Effort! (Book 8) – Releasing in Q3 2024
    • “Maddy has an offer from an old friend to coach her for the Olympic trials, meanwhile Gabby is training Kyra also for the Olympic trials. They are going to be going head to head for the one gymnastics position available. As Maddy is an older gymnast her new coach gets very creative with Maddy’s training to try and give her an edge. The rest of the team still need to perform in the Academy competition to retain their scholarships. The girls are also determined to find out what Gabby is really up to, so they can bring Kyra back into the fold. For Maddy and Kyra it all comes down to the final competition. Who will win the final Olympic spot?”
Gymnastic Academy New Books

Book covers for the future of Gymnastic Academy

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