How do you Request TV Shows and Movies to Netflix?

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As a fan-site, we get hundreds of comments from you guys every month but among the most common is asking how you can request Netflix to pick up and stream a TV series or movie that isn’t currently available on the service. In this article, I’m going to explain a bit about how Netflix picks up its shows and how you can request a movie or TV series to Netflix.

Let’s put a scenario out there for example. Say you’re a massive Supergirl fan, you search for hours on both Netflix and the internet for answers as to whether it’s not streaming. It’s not. Bummer. How do we get Netflix to pick up the show and stream it? That’s what you’re hear for, how do you get your voice heard?

First we need to understand how Netflix picks up shows. In the case of its Originals, it funds and produces said content exclusively for the network. It relies on research and demand based on its own parameters. In the case of a few Originals they were picked up because of the fan-base left behind from the show. We’ve seen that with Arrested Development, Longmire and a couple of other shows too.

netflix-originalsFor the rest of the content, Netflix has to make a deal with the content provider. Let’s use Supergirl as the example. If Netflix wanted to stream the show, they’d have to go to CBS to negotiate a contract and agree on price and the length of time that Netflix will be able to stream the TV show. Most contracts are renewed on Netflix every year which is why we see new seasons of shows added on an annual basis.

Now we know how Netflix buys its content, how do we get Netflix to pick up new stuff. Well the truth is they do several things to know what to pick up. Here’s a few that we know of.

They monitor your viewing habits – Netflix is data driven, that’s how they’re able to predict what you’re going to watch next and what everyone likes, it’s a numbers game. If Netflix notices that lots and lots of people love superhero TV series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, they know they’re going to get bang for buck when it comes to renewing Agents of Shield for example. With that in mind, the more you watch Netflix, the more you give them an indication as to what they think is a good investment for you.

They monitor torrents – no really, this one is true. Not only do they probably monitor viewing figures on the networks that the show airs on, they also take a look at those pesky illegal websites that allow you to download whatever you want. This gives a really good indication as to what’s hot and what people are actively (that’s the keyword here) watching.

They take note! – If all else fails, Netflix representatives on their support software always takes down suggestions that you give them through their live chat and phone systems. It’s worth noting that this service is set up primarily to help people with problems with Netflix but they’re nice people so they do listen to other requests.

We hope that helps give you an idea on how to get your favorite movie or TV series added to Netflix and some idea of how Netflix actually works behind the scenes.

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