When will Season 3 of Z Nation come to Netflix?

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Zombie movies are a plenty but when it comes to television series there’s always been one big show, The Walking Dead. Syfy set out to capitalize on the newly found popularity of this popularity with Z Nation. The zombie show that on purposely takes a different direction is now well into its third season. It’s found a home quite quickly on Netflix leaving many to wonder as to when we’ll have season 3 of the show streaming on Netflix in the US and the UK. Here’s what we know.

Let’s be honest, Syfy shows have never been known for their quality opting for lower budget titles instead. With Z Nation, this isn’t even something you think about when watching. If you’re new to the show, here’s a little synopsis. The show is set three years after a deadly zombie virus and a cure is viable so long as they can get the only man known to not be infected by the virus to a lab. His tense and thrilling journey to said lab is where the series makes a name for itself.

Firstly, Z Nation is some of the quickest added titles on Netflix with the season debuting on Netflix soon after it’s come off the air which is why we’re doing this article early because if you blink, you may miss it.

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The previous two seasons have debutted on Syfy in the United States in middle of September and given we haven’t heard otherwise, we can suspect season 3 of the show to air in September 2016. The series then wraps up in December.

Given Netflix has had the new seasons very quickly, at least in the US, we can predict that you’ll be getting season 3 of Z Nation in January 2017. For our friends across the sea in the United Kingdom, you’ll sadly have to wait a bit longer. The UK usually get new seasons of Z Nation in April meaning a few months afterwards.

Furthermore, we haven’t heard any rumblings of a possible pullout of content from Syfy so we don’t foresee it being removed either.

When will Season 3 of Z Nation come to Netflix?

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