‘I Woke Up A Vampire’ Will Return for Season 2 at Netflix in April 2024

The show earned as season 2 renewal ahead of season 1 releasing with that second season debuting on Netflix globally in April 2024.

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i woke up a vampire will return for season 2 netflix

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One of the new kids-flavored Halloween titles that arrived in 2023 was the new co-production I Woke Up a Vampire. Netflix shares the license with the Canadian network Family Channel. If you’re wondering whether the show has been renewed, wonder no more; the show will return for a season 2 and it’s coming in April 2024!

The show was initially developed under the name of Fanger for Netflix and later evolved to become I Woke Up a Vampire. WildBrain is behind the series, with Tommy Lynch behind the title. Lynch is perhaps best known for The Secret World of Alex Mack for Nickelodeon.

On her thirteenth birthday, Carmie Henley (Kaileen Chang) discovers she’s a “Vampling” with newfound powers. With her best friend, Kev (Niko Ceci), she navigates her dual identity while dealing with puberty, a school musical, and a relentless vampire hunter. Her journey of self-discovery is complicated by her desire to be acknowledged and her need for secrecy. The cast also includes Zebastin Borjeau, Ana Araujo, Aaliyah Cinello, and Kris Siddiqi.

The show is marketed under Netflix’s “After School” banner and dropped on Netflix on October 17th, following its premiere on Family Channel in Spring 2023.

Since debuting on Netflix, it’s featured in not only the kid’s top 10s but also the TV top 10s in scores of countries. According to FlixPatrol, at least 84 regions have seen the show feature in their TV top 10s for several days or for its entire stint on the service thus far. At the time of publishing on October 23rd, the show was still the fourth most-watched title in the US TV top 10s and number 1 on the kids charts.

I Woke Up A Vampire renewed for season 2? Sort of.

It’s not a renewal, per se, but rather, the show was given an upfront order, according to someone connected to the show but has chosen not to be identified. Their online profile states that the series is a “big exciting scripted teen show, 2 Seasons back to back.”

The resume also lists two seasons for the show, stating, “Wildbrain for Netflix 2 seasons out in 2023.”

Those additional eight episodes have already been released on the Family Channel in Canada. Episodes 9 through 16 were released between July and September 2023 and were still labeled as season 1 on Family Channel but will be marked as season 2 on Netflix.

We can now confirm that Netflix will release season 2 of I Woke Up A Vampire on April 4th, 2024. We’ve got a clip from the new season below:

We’ll update you once we know more, but until then, let us know in the comments if you’re excited to see this new family Netflix show’s return in the comments below.

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