Jane the Virgin Season 5 Netflix Release Schedule 2019

When will Jane the Virgin season 5 be on Netflix?

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Jane the Virgin is coming back for its fifth and final season in 2019 and will be coming to Netflix around the world as we’ll highlight below. Release dates for season 5 of Jane the Virgin will differ depending on where you live so let’s take a look at when season 5 of Jane the Virgin will be on Netflix in your region. 

It’s going to be a bitter-sweet end for the show as it approaches its final season. There’s plenty of questions left over to be answered including who the alluded narrator is and how some of the character storylines will wrap up.

In a departure from the normal release schedule, The CW has decided to place the final season in the mid-season release schedule with the new episodes starting to air from Wednesday, March 27th onwards.

When will Jane the Virgin season 5 be on Netflix in the United States?

All of The CW content coming to Netflix in 2019 is covered by a contract struck back in 2016. In this arrangement, all of the drama series and superhero content from the network comes to Netflix around a week or two after it’s wrapped up on the network.

We don’t know exactly how many episodes there’ll be for the final season but based on previous years, it’s probably going to be between 17 and 22. In which case, the show could finish airing on The CW in late July to August 2019.

That means Netflixers can expect it to be streaming but the end of August or in early September 2019.

Jane with her toddler

When will Jane the Virgin season 5 be on Netflix outside of the United States?

Those outside the United States will enjoy weekly episodes as per previous seasons.

New episodes will air on The CW every Wednesday before dropping on Netflix on Thursday at around 8 AM GMT. For Australians, that translates to late afternoon.

Closer to the release date of episode 1, we’ll update this post with a release table which will be handy. Be sure to add the title to your Netflix list too to get weekly notifications from Netflix themselves.

Of course, if you love Gina Rodriguez, you may be already aware of the fact she’s going to be the voice of Carmen Sandiego in the brand new animated show on the way to Netflix on January 18th, 2019.

Also, you’re probably aware a spinoff anthology series based on books written by Jane is in development too and assuming Netflix keeps in the good books with The CW, that’ll arrive on the streaming service too.

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