Jupiter’s Legacy: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

Jupiters Legacy – Millarworld/Netflix

One of the first releases of the Netflix acquired Millarworld Universe is the TV series Jupiter’s Legacy. Based on the comics, the first season is likely due for release in 2020 but we already know plenty about the new season. Here’s what we know so far about season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy coming to Netflix.

Jupiter’s Legacy is an upcoming Netflix Original superhero-drama based on the comic of the same name by creator Mark Millar. Amongst the Millarworld comics many regard Jupiters Legacy and subsequent prequel Jupiter’s Circle as some of Millar’s best work. The superhero drama will be the first title from the Millarworld comics to release on Netflix.

Directing the exciting series is the former Daredevil writer, producer, and director Steven D.Knight who has signed an overall deal with Netflix.

What is the plot of Jupiter’s Legacy?

In the 1930s the first generation of Superheroes rose to prominence after receiving powers. Fast forward to the present day the original heroes are revered as the elder guard. Meanwhile, the children of the fabled heroes are struggling to live up to their parent’s legacy and legendary feats.

Is Netflix the owner of Jupiter’s Legacy?

To put it simply, yes Netflix is the owner of Jupiter’s Legacy! Not only do they own Jupiter’s Legacy they own all the current Millarworld properties that aren’t already licensed out (The Kingsman, Kick-Ass). This was confirmed in a tweet by the man himself Mark Millar!

So just to clarify Millarworld is to Netflix like Marvel is to Disney! All future Millarworld titles will be developed exclusively by Netflix.

Who are the Characters of Jupiter’s Legacy?

The Heros
  • Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian: Legendary leader of the superhero team known as The Union. After his long and illustrious career, the world he knew is gone. No longer recognizing the world of today The Utopian struggles to adapt to modern life and the needs of his family.

Josh Duhamel cast as Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian

  • Walter Sampson / Brainwave: The older brother of Sheldon ‘The Union’ Sampson. Walter is the darker of the 2 brothers. Intellectually superior and with vast cunning, Walter is not afraid to get his hands dirty and bloodied.

Ben Daniels cast as Walter Sampson / Brainwave

  • Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty: The wife of Sheldon and mother of Chloe and Brandon. Lady Liberty is one of the strongest heroes on the planet and was not afraid to disagree with Sheldon. Grace is the rock that Sheldon needs as he comes to terms with the modern and violent world of today.

Leslie Bibb cast as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty

  • Chloe Sampson: Chloe is the rebellious daughter of Sheldon and Grace. Unafraid to forge her own path, Chloe stands against everything her parents stood for and sworn to protect.

Elena Kampouris cast as Chloe Sampson

  • Brandon Sampson / Paragon: The son of Sheldon and Grace and heir apparent to the mantle of The Utopian. Brandon is in training to replace his father as the leader of The Union, with such a great weight upon him he is struggling to live up to his father’s legend.

Andrew Horton cast as Brandon Sampson / Paragon

  • Fitz Small / The Flare: Former active Superhero of The Union. Despite his career-ending injury Fitz is still a valued member of the team. Known as the heart and soul of The Union, Fitz is the glue holding the team together as they face an increasingly dangerous world.

Mike Wade cast as Fitz Small / The Flare

  • Janna Croft / Ghostbeam – Kara Royster will be playing the role of Ghostbeam.

  • Raikou – Anna Akana is set to play the role of the dual-sworded warrior as revealed by Mark Miller in February 17th, 2020.

  • Jess Salgueiro as Shockwave/Timone – Jess has recently featured in another superhero series on Amazon called The Boy’s. This time, however, her character will thankfully not be a stain on the pavement!


The Villain
  • George Hutchence / Skyfox: Former best friend of Sheldon and former ally of The Union. Since turning on his friends and team Skyfox is now the greatest supervillain in the world. Believing that his friends betrayed him Skyfox plots his revenge.

Matt Lanter cast as George Hutchence / Skyfox

Other Cast Announcements

We also know of some of the other cast members thanks to various IMDb updates. These include:

  • Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson
  • Jhene Erwin as Katherin Morris
  • Jennifer De Lucia as Leighton
  • Kathryn Davis as Vera
  • Tenika Davis as Petra Small
  • John Bourgeois as Percy
  • Chase Tang as Baryon
  • Tyler Mane as Blackstar
  • Ian Quinlan as Hutch

What is Mark Millar’s role in Jupiter’s Legacy?

Mark Millar has been assigned a writer for the show along with Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn, and Steven D. DeKnight. Millar is also an executive producer for the show. Considering no one knows the source material better than the creator it’s exciting to know how much involvement Millar has in the show!

Mark Millar the creator of Millarworld

Where is production up to for Jupiter’s Legacy?

We have confirmation that filming has officially begun for Jupiter’s Legacy in August 2019.

After a long filming period, we got word that filming had concluded in February 2020 now due for extensive editing and VFX.

We’ve got first looks at set pictures from the Jupiter’s Legacy set right here.

In September 2019, it was announced that Steven S. DeKnight has stepped down from the project. Citing creative differences, the role is vacant until it has been filled. In the report, it was noted that four of the eight episodes have completed filming. It’s also been noted that Steven S. DeKnight is set to have an early exit from his overall Netflix deal.

How many episodes are there of Jupiter’s Legacy?

This is also to be confirmed but due to the nature of Original programming, a minimum of 10 episodes is expected.

What will the run times be for each episode of Jupiter’s Legacy?

Each episode should be between 50 and 60 minutes. While we are waiting for confirmation, most Original series have run times of around one hour.

What is the release date for Jupiter’s Legacy?

A specific date is yet to be announced but we can confirm the series will arrive in 2020. Filming began at the beginning of July so there is still a long way to go and compounded by the fact the problems with production, it may not be until the end of 2020 until it debuts on Netflix.

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