Netflix Orders ‘Man on Fire’ Series Adaptation of A.J Quinnell’s Thriller Novels

A television adaption of A.J. Quinell's Man on Fire is in development at Netflix

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netflix adaptation of man on fire in development at netflix

Netflix is adapting the first two books by author A.J. Quinell into an exciting new thriller series, Man on Fire. The eight-episode series is being written and produced by Fear Street‘s Kyle Killen. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Man on Fire. Including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Man on Fire is an upcoming Netflix Original thriller series written and produced by Kyle Killen and is based on the novels by author A.J. Quinell. Killen previously worked on the Fear Street trilogy for Netflix and the television adaptation of the video game Halo.

Under their deal with Netflix, Chernin Entertainment is represented by executive producers Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, Bill McGoldrick, and Juan Alfonso. New Regency Productions owns the rights to IP, and are represented by executive producers Arnon Milchan, Yariv Milchan, and Michael Schaefer.

Some may already be familiar with the work of A.J. Quinell as Man on Fire already received two film adaptations one in 2004, which starred Denzel Washington as the lead, and the second in 1987 with Scott Glenn.

movie denzel scott washington netflix adaptation of man on fire in development at netflix

Denzel Washington (left) and Scott Glenn (right) both played the role of Creasy in their respective film adaptations.

What is the plot of Man on Fire?

The synopsis for Man on Fire has been sourced from IMDb from the 2004 film adaptation;

Hard-drinking, burnt-out ex-CIA operative John Creasy has given up on life until he’s hired as a bodyguard to protect 9-year-old Pita Ramos. Bit by bit, Creasy begins to reclaim some of his soul, but when Pita is kidnapped, Creasy’s fiery rage is finally released and he will stop at nothing to save her as he sets out on a dangerous, revenge-fueled rescue mission.

Who is in the cast of Man on Fire?

At the time of writing no cast members have been announced for the series.

What is the episode count?

There will be a total of eight episodes.

Runtimes have yet to be confirmed, but we would expect each episode to have approximate runtimes between 45 to 60 minutes.

What is the Man on Fire production status?

Official Production Status: Treatment (Last Updated: 30/03/2023)

The project is still in the extremely early days of development and very little is known at this time.

At the very least filming is reportedly meant to take place in Milan, Italy.

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