How to Get Your Netflix Wrapped for 2022 (Like Spotify Wrapped)

Netflix doesn't offer an official wrapped tool but there are some third party ways of seeing your viewing time in 2022!

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does netflix have spotify wrapped feature

Picture: Netflix logo and Spotify Wrapped

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner but perhaps most importantly, Spotify has launched its Spotify Wrapped feature. The format would work well with Netflix but does Netflix have their own Wrapped feature? No is the answer. 

If you’re not familiar, Spotify Wrapped allows you to recap your usage of Spotify over the past year, where it provides insights into things like the number of minutes you’ve listened and your most-listened-to genres, artists, and songs.

It’s lauded as an excellent marketing campaign that dominates social media with people sharing their own personal stats. One executive at Spotify called it “the magic of marrying madness with mathematics,”.

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Naturally, Netflix would be a good fit for this format but in its history, has still yet to offer a service officially.

Would it be good to know that you’ve rewatched Stranger Things season 4 20 times throughout 2022 or that The Crown season 5 was your fasted binge?

Officially in 2022, Netflix again doesn’t provide any way to recap what you’ve watched over the past year. Despite the streamer often being quick to develop new ideas in the app, such as the quick laughs feature or the breakneck speed it implemented an ad tier in 2022, a wrapped feature has never come.

There are some alternatives for Netflix Wrapped

There are two third-party sources to get your own Netflix Wrapped.

The big one is the Chrome Extension which runs on desktop and provides you with a breakdown of your annual stats.

Per the extension page, the tool allows you to see:

  • Hours watched by month
  • Hours watched by day of the week
  • Content rating breakdown
  • Genre breakdown

It was recently updated on September 7th, 2022 to show you your 2022 stats.

netflix wrapped chrome extension

Netflix Wrapped Chrome Extension

Kapwing was the second option to getting your own Netflix Wrapped.

The video editor and digital storytelling company launched the tool in 2021 and updated the tool in December 2022 to reflect your 2022 viewing.

It works by downloading your viewing activity into a CSV and uploading it to their site.

Once you have your CSV, navigate to their Netflix Wrapped page and then upload it. It’ll then tell you how many minutes you binged in 2022, how many different shows you watched, your favorite genre, and what day you binged the most.

kapwing netflix wrapped 2022

Kapwing Netflix Wrapped 2022

Would you like to see Netflix introduce a Wrapped feature? Let us know in the comments down below.

How to Get Your Netflix Wrapped for 2022 (Like Spotify Wrapped)

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