‘Physical: 100’ Renewed for a Second Season at Netflix

The extremely popular reality series 'Physical: 100' has been renewed for a second season at Netflix.

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Netflix’s most intense unscripted reality series, Physical: 100, has been renewed for a second season. A whole heap of new fresh-faced contestants will be battling out to determine who has the most ideal human physique, and the most physically fit person in South Korea.

In a press release on June 14th, Netflix announced the news that its most popular unscripted non-English TV show, Physical: 100 had been renewed for a second season.

What is Physical: 100?

If you’re new to Physical: 100, then you’re in for a treat on Netflix.

The reality series is centered around a contest of physical prowess as 100 of the most physically fit individuals in South Korea, from bodybuilders, former soldiers, professional fighters, and Olympians, compete in a series of intense, and physically demanding games, and challenges to determine which individual is the fittest in South Korea.

Physical: 100’s director, Jang Ho-gi had the following to say about the renewal;

We are very grateful Physical: 100 received so much love from fans all across the globe, and we paid attention to all the comments and feedback.

We decided to retain the essence of the show finding the perfect physique while introducing fresh elements. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the fans of the show

In the press release, it was also revealed by Jang that the set of Physical: 100, which was previously the size of two soccer fields, has been expanded to pave the way for an even more challenging competition;

I’m honored to meet a lot of contestants whom I feel are overqualified. And I’m also collaborating with many experts to make sure we have even more electrifying and well-designed quests that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. I give you my word that we will be back with an all-new season that’s got everything taken up a notch for our global fans.

When is Physical: 100 Season 2 coming to Netflix?

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the second season of Physical: 100. However, we would expect to see the series return to the streaming service sometime in the first half of 2024.

What about the controversial ending of season 1?

It has never been confirmed by the production team, however, reports began to circulate from Physical:100 contestant and finalist Jung Hae-min, that his last game against Woo Jin-yong had been filmed twice.

Jung Hae-min claims that the first game was halted after complaints about the equipment from Woo Jin-yong resulted in the production team having to oil the machines. He further claims that in the second attempt to record the final game, when he came close to winning, production was halted and the game was moved to a separate location after an issue with audio recording.

Hopefully, a second season will result in no controversies.

Are you excited to watch a brand new season of Physical: 100 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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