‘Fake Profile’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

Colombian romantic thriller 'Fake Profile' has been renewed for a second season at Netflix.

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fake profile colombian romantic thriller renewed for a second season at netflix

Picture: Fake Profile – AG Studios / Netflix

Netflix’s steamiest new Colombian thriller, Fake Profile, has been renewed for a second season. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about the romantic thriller, including cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

Fake Profile (Perfil falso) is a Colombian Netflix Original Spanish-language romantic thriller series created by Pablo Illanes. The series is produced by Colombian studio AG Studios, with Federico Castillo (A Mano Limpia), Silvia Durán (Secrets of Paradise), Cristina Echeverri (Los Iniciados), and Rodrigo Guerrero (The Belko Experiment) as executive producers.

Camila creates a sexy profile on the online dating app Spice looking for the man of her dreams. But her dreams quickly turn into nightmares, and Camila ends up falling into a web of sex, lies, and deception.

Fake Profile Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 14/06/2023)

It only took two weeks for Netflix to make a decision to renew Fake Profile for a second season. The good news was announced via Netflix’s official Twitter.

Since Fake Profile was released on Netflix (May 31st, 2023), the romantic thriller has dominated the top of the Non-English TV charts. Within the first five days, Fake Profile amassed a total of 76,310,000 hours viewed. Its second week (June 5th – June 11th, 2023) wasn’t as strong as the first, however, it was still able to bring in 65,730,000 hours viewed. Within two weeks the series has been watched for a total of 142,040,000 hours viewed.

hours viewed data fake profile colombian romantic thriller renewed for a second season at netflix

What can we expect from Fake Profile season 2?

After the twists and turns that were the wild ride of season 1, anything could happen in the second season of Fake Profile.

After her near-death experience in Colombia, Camila, with David in tow, returned to Las Vegas where she continues her career as a dancer at the Golden Lips. Having chosen David over Miguel, Camila is happier. Miguel also returned to Las Vegas, however, he and Camila are no longer on speaking terms.

Fake Profile Rodolfo Salas Miguel Esteves Carolina Miranda Camila Roman eab4312

Picture: Carolina Miranda as Camila Roman (right) and Rodolfo Salas as Miguel Esteves (left) in Fake Profile – Netflix

It wouldn’t be a telenovela without the spark between Camila and Miguel being reignited somehow, so we expect to see the pair together once again at some point in season 2. After chasing Miguel all the way to Colombia, where she discovered he had been cheating on his wife, Angela, it would be incredibly ironic if Camila were to cheat on David.

david fake profile colombian romantic thriller renewed for a second season at netflix

Picture: Lincoln Palomeque as David in Fake Profile – Netflix

Angela is currently in jail for the accidental death of her father Pedro, however, thanks to her father’s vast wealth she may be able to pay for her freedom. Once free, Angela is free to pursue Miguel and Camila and make the pair pay for their adultery, ruining her life and family.

angela fake profile colombian romantic thriller renewed for a second season at netflix

Picture: Manuela González as Angela (left) in Fake Profile

Who will return in Fake Profile season 2?

We expect to see the following cast members make a return;

  • Carolina Miranda as Camila
  • Rodolfo Salas as Miguel / Fernando
  • Juanse Díez as Lucas
  • Manuela González as Angela
  • Mauricio Hénao as Adrian
  • Lincoln Palomeque as David
  • Felipe Londoño as Cristóbal
  • Julián Cerati as Inti
  • María Paula Veloza as Eva

When can we expect to see a second season of Fake Profile on Netflix?

Unless filming has already started, we aren’t expecting to see a second season of Fake Profile on Netflix before the end of 2023.

Once we can confirm the production status of Season 2, we’ll be better suited to speculate on its release date. Assuming that filming begins sometime in 2023, we would expect to see the romantic thriller return to Netflix sometime in 2024.

Are you excited for a second season of Fake Profile on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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