‘Saved By The Bell’ Collection Coming to Netflix in September 2021

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saved by the bell seasons 1 9 coming to netflix us september 2021

Saved by the Bell – Picture: CBS Media Ventures

Netflix US and Canada will be receiving the entire collection of Saved by the Bell (excluding the 2020 reboot) in September 2021 including the movies, and various spin-offs. 

In the September 2021 PR release for what’s coming soon to Netflix, Netflix included seasons 1-9 of Saved by the Bell in its lineup. It then clarified on Twitter what exactly that means.

Here’s how we believe that breaks down in practice:

  • Good Morning, Miss Bliss (Pilot)
  • Good Morning, Miss Bliss (Season 1)
  • Saved by the Bell (Seasons 1-4)
  • Hawaiian Style
  • Saved by the Bell: The College Years
  • Wedding in Las Vegas

Tracking Saved by the Bell is quite the chore given how many spin-offs and movies came from the franchise not to mention the amount of networks the show bounced between.

It’s not known, however, whether Saved by the Bell: The New Class will be part of this release or eventually come to Netflix. Saved by the Bell: The New Class is only available on the NBC app at present and not Peacock.

It’s worth noting that Peacock, Hulu, and even IMDbTV carry the show. They list the title as 5 seasons, however. These streamers are not set to lose the streaming rights rather they’ll be shared and then the question becomes, which streaming service would you rather open to watch.

Why is Saved By The Bell Coming to Netflix?

Finding out exactly who owns the series sends you down quite the trip. The series aired on NBC but is distributed by a lesser-known company called Rysher Entertainment. Rysher Entertainment is owned by Vine Alternative Investments. With all that said, according to Wikipedia, titles are distributed by CBS Media Ventures. So it’s CBS Media Ventures licensing to Netflix in this instance.

The show could be added to Netflix in the hopes of helping the reboot which dropped onto Peacock exclusively last year. Reviews for the reboot were ultimately mixed with the show carrying a 5.1/10 on IMDb at the time of publishing.

Given Peacock decided to renew the show for season 2, higher-ups will hope that people rewatching the original show on Netflix will push people to watch the reboot on Peacock.

Only Netflix US & CA are currently listed to get Saved by the Bell in September 2021. Check your coming soon section within the Netflix app throughout the next few weeks to see if it’ll drop where you live.

Are you excited to relive Saved by the Bell on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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