The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3/2: More Episodes, Renewal and Release Date

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The Seven Deadly Sins is the best Netflix Original anime series we’ve had, and that’s putting against tough competition includes Knights of Sidonia. The second season landed on Netflix just a few weeks back but with angry fans displeased with the amount of episodes that released.

Update: Netflix is getting another season in 2018, more details.

We’re going to take a look as to what’s going on when we’ll get new episodes, if at all, and when they’d likely come to Netflix.

If you’re an anime fan and not started this series yet, then it should instantly go to the top of your list. The Seven Deadly Sins is based on a group of knights who disbanded but have recently been enlisted after a coup is currently in play.

The first season landed with 24 episodes but the second season, which isn’t even called the second season rather Signs of Holy War, which landed with four episodes. They were the same length but didn’t place after the events of season 1 but before it acting as a prequel. These episodes aired in Japan in August 2016.

That means that we haven’t had season 2 yet, let alone season 3. Thanks, Netflix marketing department!

Will there be a season 3 or a proper season 2?

If we take a look at the manga series for a second, the final episode of season 1 entitled ‘The Heroes’ is the 100th issue of the manga series. Right now, there’s 197 in total so there’s plenty more material plus more confirmed to be on the way.

There is the possibility and many theories floating around supporting the case that production has stopped altogether and the show has effectively been cancelled until we hear that officially, we’re going to say otherwise.

We think we will get another full 24 episode season but it’s given it’s yet to be confirmed by the official Japanese website for the show or Netflix themselves it won’t be for quite a while. Given the production time on anime, it’s likely that it won’t be another year or so until we even hear about a new series. the prequel series and season 1 came between two years of each other and that’s likely to be the case too.

All that means we can’t expect a new season until at least July 2018. Then it’ll air in Japan and then come to Netflix which may not be until January 2019. That’s a very long wait but one I’m sure fans will definitely stick around for.

Are you annoyed at not having a season 2/3 yet on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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