Travelers Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Not long to go now till we see the return of Travelers! The time-travel drama has become massively popular on Netflix over the past couple of years and many fans will be excited for the third season coming this December. With its release imminent here’s everything we know so far on season 3 of Travelers.

Travelers is the Canadian sci-fi time-travel show created by Brad Wright. Travelers have been screened to Netflix subscribers internationally since its debut in 2016. The Canadian TV show originally aired on the Canadian channel Showcase but after the second season, Netflix acquired the rights for the sole production and distribution of the show. Now the show will be released worldwide as it will no longer air on Showcase.

In the future, the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. A group of operatives known as the ‘Travelers’ are sent back in time to help prevent the collapse of society. The operatives consciousness are transferred into present-day individuals that are moments from death. In transferring their minds into these individuals, this minimizes the impact on the timeline. In teams of five the ‘Travelers’ missions are dictated by the Director, an A.I from the future that analyses the timeline to stop the catastrophic events from happening.

What can we expect from season 3?

The team will be under even more pressure after their existence was exposed to the world. As they strive to keep their knowledge of the traveler program hidden from the public, their missions are being watched by the FBI. With each member team being pushed ever closer to a breaking point will they save the world?

The hunt for Traveller 001 will continue on and not to mention the ongoing fight against the Faction.

Who’s in the cast for season 3?

The cast members returning to Travelers are as follows:

Role Actor/Actress Where Have I Seen Them Before?
Marcy Warton MacKenzie Porter Hell on Wheels, Blackstone, Christmas Rescue
Carly Shannon Nesta Cooper #REALITYHIGH, The Edge of Seventeen, Heroes Reborn: Dark Matter
Grant MacLaren Eric McCormack Will & Grace, Perception, Dead Like Me
Trevor Holden Jared Abrahamson Hello Destroyer, American Animals, Fear the Walking Dead
Philip Pearson Reilly Dolman Percy Jackson, Supernatural, Stargate Universe
David Mailer Patrick Gilmore 2012, No Men Beyond This Point, Stargate Universe
Jeff Coniker J. Alex Brinson iZombie, Supernatural, The X-Files

Are fans excited for the upcoming season?

Twitter never fails to disappoint as fans of the show are expressing their excitement for the upcoming season.

How many episodes are there?

The third season will also have 12 episodes. Each episode will have a run time between 44 and 50 minutes.

Will all the episodes release at once?

Yes! The series will release with all the episodes worldwide.

When is the release date?

Season 3 of Travelers will be released worldwide on December 14th!

Is there a trailer?

Not long to go now till the release of season 3! Finally, Netflix has released a trailer for the latest season of Travelers.

Will there be a season 4?

This is no longer in the hands of Showcase as Netflix took over the production and distribution of the show. Considering the growing popularity of Travelers we could expect a fourth season to follow. However, this will depend on the reception season 3 receives.

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