Tyler Perry Producing New Untitled Netflix Original Movie

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tyler perry new movie coming soon to netflix

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Tyler Perry will be coming back to Netflix with a brand new feature film that began production in Atlanta in October 2020. Here’s the first set of details that we know so far. 

While the main plot isn’t yet fully revealed, we do know about some of the characters set to feature and the broad outline of the movie.

The story will be centered around a character called Tim who has just graduated from college. While planning to celebrate, he’s pulled over by a cop for speeding and is subsequently tased and arrested after an altercation. The story then follows him and his family as he battles for justice against the officer.

Mark Swinton, Michelle Sneed, and Will Areu are all listed alongside Perry as producers for the new movie.

Tyler Perry Studios is the production company behind the movie and Perry himself will star and direct the picture.

This isn’t the first (nor we suspect the last) time Perry has teamed up with Netflix.

A Fall from Grace was the first-ever full Netflix Original movie produced for Netflix. It had a wildly successful launch and went onto score 26 million views on Netflix in a single week. The movie is notable in that it only took five days to film from start to finish. If this new movie Perry is working on fits in a similar timetable the chances are it’s already filmed and in the bag.


Perry did star in another Netflix Original movie, however. He played Richard in 2016’s Brain on Fire.

He’s also currently listed to appear in the upcoming Netflix Original feature film from Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up due out in 2021. Beyond his Netflix involvement, he’s listed as a producer on Sister Act 3, Miss Granny, I Am Yours, Top of the Food Chain, and a few other untitled projects.

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Tyler Perry Producing New Untitled Netflix Original Movie

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