What’s the Future of Arrowverse on Netflix?

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Arrowverse – The CW / Warner Brothers

The Arrowverse’s future on Netflix (at least in the United States) has now been secured going forward post-2019. Here’s what’s going to happen to your favorite Arrowverse shows on Netflix including Arrow, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Supergirl. 

Let’s set the stage for a second. All the shows listed above, air on The CW and are produced by Warner Brothers pictures. From 2013, Netflix has had a deal with The CW whereby all of The CW’s library comes to Netflix.

Up until 2016, The CW library on Netflix got refreshed every October. From 2016 up until early 2019, new series arrived on Netflix roughly a week after it finished airing. Again, this covered all shows The CW outputs.

Moving forward, however, that won’t apply to new shows. That means Batwoman season 1, which is in the Arrowverse, won’t automatically come to Netflix.

Here are some of the biggest questions answered regarding the future on Arrowverse on Netflix.

Are any Arrowverse titles leaving Netflix?

Not for a while. Arrow is likely going to be the first title to be leaving given the series is coming to an end this year.

Once season 8 comes to Netflix in 2020. It’ll then take a few years for Netflix to then lose the license and therefore be removed.

All of the other shows don’t have end dates as of yet.

Will new seasons of Arrowverse titles keep coming to Netflix?

Absolutely with that key exception we mentioned above. We’ll be covering shows individually when the next season will be available but it should stick to the existing deal whereby new seasons come a week after they wrap up.

To recap. Here’s the list of shows staying on Netflix and will continue getting new seasons:

  • Arrow
  • Black Lightning
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • Supergirl
  • The Flash

Here’s the current single title that’s not coming to Netflix automatically:

  • Batwoman

For now, enjoy the shows on Netflix and don’t forget we’ve got a guide on how to watch all the cross-over events on Netflix right now.

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