How To Watch The DC Crossover Events on Netflix

DC Crossover Events on Netflix – Copyright DC Comics / The CW

Since the release of Arrow back in 2012, there have been 6 subsequent heroes with their very own TV shows in the shared DCTVU. There have been four promoted crossovers in that time and with the fifth on the way, new fans will want to know what order to view them in. Let us help you watch the DC crossover events.

The shared DCTVU has been on our screens for just over 6 years now and we’ve seen a total of four crossover events. If you don’t count the seasons currently running on TV that’s 397 episodes of TV to binge! With so many characters spread across so many shows, it’s natural that they team up and fight together. But with so many heroes how do we know which seasons and episodes they have crossed over for?

The Crossover Events

Flash vs. Arrow (2014/2015 Seasons)

Episodes: 2
Part One: The Flash S1xE8 “Flash vs. Arrow”
Part Two: Arrow S3xE8 “The Brave and the Bold”

Synopsis: The Scarlett Speedster and Emerald Archer team up for the first time to help take down Captain Boomerang. Along the way, Barry Allen will learn a lot of what it means to be a vigilante from his friend Oliver Queen.

Heroes Join Forces (2015/2016 Seasons)

Episodes: 2
Part One: The Flash S2xE8 “Legends of Today”
Part Two: Arrow S4xE8 “Legends of Yesterday”

Synopsis: The evil Vandal Savage targets barista Kendra Saunder. Having survived the attack from Vandel, Kendra and Cisco seek out the Flash to aid them in their fight against Vandal. The appearance of Hawk-Man throws their plan into chaos. Team Flash and Team Arrow must work together to create a weapon powerful enough to stop the immortal Vandal Savage.

Invasion! (2016/2017 Seasons)

Episodes: 4
Part One: Supergirl S2xE8 “Medusa”
Part Two: The Flash S3xE8 “Invasion!”
Part Three: Arrow S5xE8 “Invasion!”
Part Four: Legends of Tomorrow S2xE7 “Invasion!”

Synopsis: As an alien invasion commences on earth and the heroes must unite to stop the alien threat.

Crisis on Earth-X (2017/2018 Seasons)

Episodes: 4
Part One: Supergirl S3xE8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1”
Part Two: Arrow S6xE8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2”
Part Three: The Flash S4xE8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3”
Part Four: Legends of Tomorrow S3x8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4”

Synopsis: After Nazis crash Barry’s wedding, they soon discover that they have come from another Earth. The 53rd Earth, or better known as Earth-X, is controlled by Nazis. Having to face their evil respective doppelgangers, the heroes must stop the Nazi invasion of their world.

Elseworlds (2018/2019 Seasons)

Elseworlds is the 5th crossover event for the DCTVU. This seasons crossover event will only be 3 parts instead of the traditional 4. Legends of Tomorrow won’t be included in this season’s crossover, but there is no reason why heroes from the show won’t somehow make their way over to the crossover.

Ruby Rose will make her debut as Batwoman and we will see Gotham City for the very first time in the shared universe. Elizabeth Tulloch will also be making her debut as Lois Lane who is yet to appear in the Supergirl series. Superman will also be appearing and it will be the first time the character will be taking part in a crossover event.


The Full DCTVU

Below is the full list of all the seasons of the DCTVU. While Constantine and Vixen are not available to stream on Netflix, both characters have their respective shows and crossed over with multiple characters. The list below is in order the chronological release order but also ties into the way the crossover events should be watched.

ShowSeasonTotal EpisodesRelease DateSeason IMDB Rating
The Flash12310/28/20148.4
Vixen (Animated Series)1608/25/20157.7
The Flash22310/13/20158.7
Legends of Tomorrow11603/03/20168.2
Vixen (Animated Series)2610/10/20167.5
The Flash32310/25/20168.4
Legends of Tomorrow21711/03/20168.4
The Flash42310/17/20177.8
Legends of Tomorrow31810/18/20178.4
Black Lightning11301/16/20187.4
Black Lightning21310/09/2018Season Currently Ongoing
The Flash52310/18/2018Season Currently Ongoing
Supergirl4TBA10/22/2018Season Currently Ongoing
Arrow72310/23/2018Season Currently Ongoing
Legends of Tomorrow42010/31/2018Season Currently Ongoing

Constantine was not on the CW and unfortunately was canceled after only one season. Matt Ryan has since reprised his role as Constantine on the CW and is currently apart of the cast of Legends of Tomorrow.

Black Lightning is yet to make a crossover appearance and there is no confirmation that he is set to appear in this year’s annual crossover.

Have there been Crossovers without the annual events?

Many of the characters across the TV shows have crossed into each other’s worlds, and while these appearances weren’t promoted as crossover events it was fun to see characters from different shows interacting with each other.  We won’t list all of them here due to spoilers but across the 397 Episodes, there are 55 crossover encounters! So you’ll see plenty of your favorite characters invading each other shows plenty of times.

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