When will Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 be on Netflix?

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The new Netflix Original Spanish series Morocco: Love in Times of War has been a huge success and season 2 seems to be inevitable. We’ll track the second season here plus give you a rough estimate of when season 2 will be coming to Netflix.

Spanish dramas have been taking over Netflix in recent years but we’re not complaining as they’ve been some of the best new series come to Netflix. The most obvious example is Cable Girls. Much like this show, it’s a period drama where it follows the lives of women who worked at telephone exchanges. If you haven’t already seen that but enjoyed Morocco, then make it a priority to watch that too.

The series Morocco: Love In Times of War also known as Tiempos de Guerra which translates directly to Times of War is a Netflix Original only in the sense it’s distributed by Netflix outside of Spain.

The series takes you back to the 1920’s during the Rif War where Spain had to defend Morocco from the Berber tribes of Rif. The series focuses on the women of the war where they’ve opened a hospital. the series then focuses on the nurses, where they’ve come from and the blossoming relationships and romance that happened during the war.

Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed (Last updated: 01/31/2018)

Antenna 3 is the main station in Spain to air and they are who will make the decision on whether to renew or not. Some viewers have pointed out that the way the series ended was a little dramatic and felt that it was done in a way to signal that the series would not be renewed.

Spanish series often stick to yearly schedules so you can expect to see a renewal in the next few months but so far, there’s been new news of a second series.

Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Without a renewal confirmation, predicting the release date for season 2 gets a little harder. As we mentioned above, the series first airs on Spanish TV which means it will most likely stick to a consistent yearly schedule.

It’ll air first in Spain between September and December 2017 before getting added to Netflix in January 2019.

Do you want to see season 2 of Morocco: Love in Times of War come to Netflix? Do you think there’s enough for a second season? Let us know down below.