‘Pokémon Horizons: The Series’ Part 2 Confirms Netflix Release Date

New episodes are dropping in select regions in May 2024.

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Pokemon Horizons Part 2 Netflix Release Date

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Pokémon Horizons: The Series just landed on Netflix. But, with plenty of episodes still missing from the series, we can expect to see another batch of new and exciting episodes for part 2 soon.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series is the 26th season of the Pokémon anime and the first installment of the Pokémon Horizons story. It is the first series without Ash Ketchum and Pokémon mascot Pikachu and instead follows the adventures of Liko and Roy and their Pokémon Sprigatito and Fuecoco.

The first part of Pokémon Horizons: The Series dropped in March 2024 in select Netflix regions including the United States, Latin American countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and some European territories like Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland.

When Will ‘Pokémon Horizons: The Series’ Part 2 be on Netflix?

When we first published, we made an educated guess that the second part of the show would be coming sometime between June 2024 or as late as July 2024.

The reason for this is that all parts of Pokémon Journeys, Pokémon Master Journeys, and Pokémon Ultimate Journeys were released in parts, typically twelve episodes at a time. The shortest time between each part being released on Netflix was three months, the longest of which was four months.

Thankfully, we’re happy to report that we were actually wrong about the release date in this instance. Netflix is now confirming that the next batch (labeled part 2) is due out on May 10th, 2024.

Pokemon Horizons The Series Part 2 Release Date Confirmed


What episodes of Pokémon will we see next?

Assuming Netflix will release part 2 with a further twelve episodes, fans can look forward to watching the following;

Episode Title Japan Broadcast Date
13 An Unexpected Picnic! 14/07/2023
14 Fly! Wattrel! 21/07/2023
15 Someone We Can’t See! Whosawhatsit?! 28/07/2023
16 Quaxly, We Can Do It! 04/08/2023
17 Special Training Time! 11/08/2023
18 Flying Pikachu, Rising Higher and Higher! 18/08/2023
19 The Bittersweet Truth 25/08/2023
20 Kabu’s Battle Training! 09/01/2023
21 The Lonely Mibrim 08/09/2023
22 Clash! Galar Mine 15/09/2023
23 Burning Galar Fire 22/09/2023
24 Reunion at the Old Castle 13/10/2023

Can we expect even more episodes of Pokémon Horizons on Netflix?

At the time of writing, the total number of broadcasted episodes of Pokémon Horizons on Netflix is 41 (The 42nd will be broadcast on March 8th, 2024).

We expect the total number of episodes to reach at least 48. This means Netflix should see four parts of Pokémon Horizons on the platform.

Fans could see the entirety of Pokémon Horizons on Netflix by December 2024 or March 2025.

Are you looking forward to more episodes of Pokémon Horizons on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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