What’s Coming to Netflix in April 2024

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Whats Coming To Netflix April 2024

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Welcome to your comprehensive preview of what’s coming up on Netflix in the United States throughout April 2024. This list will look ahead at all the new movies and series, whether they be Netflix Originals or licensed titles.

As always, there are many removals scheduled throughout April 2024. We’re tracking those separately here, including all six seasons of the fan-favorite comedy series Community plus the remainder of the DC movie library.

This list is a work in progress and will be updated throughout March 2024 and into April 2024. If you want to see our top picks, you can see our movie highlights for the month here.

Full List of New Releases Coming to Netflix in April 2024

New Episodes Coming Wekkly in April 2024

  • Delicious in Dungeon (Season 1) Netflix Original – Final episode airing on April 4th
  • Everyone Loves Me (Season 1) – New Episodes Fridays
  • Eye Love You (Season 1) – New Episodes on April 14th
  • The Great Indian Kapil Show (Season 1) Netflix Original – New Episodes Saturdays

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 1st

April 1st included 22 movies from 1984, celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2024, including Repo Man, Sixteen Candles, Birdy, and more.

  • American Graffiti (1973) – Return of the George Lucas comedy starring Ron Howard and Harrison Ford.
Baby Driver Coming To Netflix April 2024

Picture: Sony Pictures

  • Baby Driver (2017) – Edgar Wright is behind this heart-pounding crime action movie starring Ansel Elgort about a young getaway drive who is desperately trying to get out of the industry.
  • Battleship (2012) – Military sci-fi movie starring Rhianna.
  • Black Clover (Seasons 1-2) – Classic anime series from Pierrot following two children competing to become the next Emperor Magus.
  • Born on the Fourth of July (1989) – Tom Cruise-led war film.
  • Ender’s Game (2013) – Based on the best-selling book, this sci-fi movie stars Harrison Ford.
  • Glass (2019) – Superhero film with a big ensemble cast including Bruce Willis and James McAvoy.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka / GTO (Season 1) – Classic anime series about a former thug that becomes a teacher to troubled and hostile children.
  • Haikyu!! Collection:
    • Haikyu!! Movie 3: Genius and Sense (2017)
    • Haikyu!! Movie 4: Battle of Concepts (2017)
  • Happy Gilmore (1996) – Adam Sandler comedy.
  • Hotel Transylvania Collection:
    • Hotel Transylvania (2012)
    • Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
  • How to Be Single (2016) – A group of women in New York City navigate the dating scene and self-discovery while exploring what it means to be single. Starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and Leslie Mann.
  • Inside Man Movie Collection:
    • Inside Man (2006)
    • Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019)
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) – Zach Galifianakis is behind this ensemble comedy-drama.
  • Molly’s Game (2017) – Sports drama starring Jessica Chastain.
  • Mortal Engines (2018) – Peter Jackson debuted this post-apocalyptic fantasy movie that’s about a mobile city hovering above London.
Night Raiders Xyz Films Netflix April 2024

Picture: XYZ Films

  • Night Raiders (2021) – Danis Goulet is behind this sci-fi movie that’s set in the year 2043 during a military occupation that controls post-war North America.
  • One Piece Film: Red (2022) – Anime movie.
  • Role Models (2008) – Ensemble comedy headlined by Paul Rudd.
  • Sex and the City (Seasons 1-6) – HBO Original – Darren Star’s romantic comedy series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall.
  • Skyscraper (2018) – Dwayne Johnson headlines this action epic.
  • Smokey and the Bandit Collection:
    • Smokey and the Bandit
    • Smokey and the Bandit II
  • Split (2016) – Big ensemble cast comes together in this superhero movie about a man with multiple personality abducting three teen girls.
  • Step Up: Revolution (2012) – Dance drama.
  • Strawberry Shortcakes: Spring Spectacular (2024) – A new animated kids special following Strawberry Shortcake winning best float in the Big Apple’s City’s Flower Contest.
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) – Comedy sports movie starring Will Ferrell and Amy Adams.
  • The Land Before Time (1988) – Animated dinosaur adventure movie.
  • The Little Things (2021) – A recent crime thriller movie from Warner Bros. Pictures starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto. About a Deputy Sheriff joining forces with a police Sergeant to searching for a serial killer who’s terrorizing Los Angeles.

  • The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman (Season 1) Netflix Original – Magician and comedian Willman returns for his new Netflix series.
  • The Matrix Collection:
    • The Matrix
    • The Matrix Reloaded
    • The Matrix Revolutions
  • The Theory of Everything (2015) – Oscar-winning biopic on Stephen Hawking starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.
  • Wild Things (1998) – Neo-noir thriller starring Neve Campbell and Mitt Dillon.
  • White Collar (Seasons 1-6) – All 81 episodes of the USA Network series that starred Matt Bomer as a con-artist who teams up with the FBI to bring down fellow criminals.
  • You’ve Got Mail (1998) – Romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 2nd

  • Together: Tr3ble Winners (2024) – Docu-series recounting the soccer team Manchester City FC’s record-breaking 2022/23 season.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 3rd

  • Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer (Season 1) Netflix Original – Following the 2012 murders of people who attended parties in Berlin.
  • Files of the Unexplained (Season 1) Netflix Original – Investigative docuseries in the paranormal and disappearances.
  • Zero to Hero (2024) Netflix Original – Brazillian musical rom-com.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 4th

100 Days To Indy Coming To Netflix

Picture: CW

  • 100 Days to Indy (Season 1)Motorsport docu-series tracking drivers prepping for the Indianapolis 500.
  • Crooks (Season 1) Netflix Original – German crime drama series about a special coin that sets multiple gangs at war.
  • I Woke Up A Vampire (Season 1) Netflix OriginalSecond batch of episodes for the live-action kids series originating from Canada!
  • Ninjago: Dragons Rising (Season 2) Netflix Original – Kids animated series.
  • RIPLEY (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Thriller starring Andrew Scott who plays Tom Ripley, a grifter who’s scraping by in 1960s New York.

  • The Tearsmith (2024) Netflix Original – Italian romance movie from director Alessandro Genovesi.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 5th

  • Parasyte: The Grey (Season 1) Netflix Original – Korean sci-fi horror that sees unidentified parasites taking control over human hosts.
Scoop Netflix Movie Everything We Know

SCOOP – Picture: Netflix

  • SCOOP (2024) Netflix Original – Biopic on the infamous BBC Newsnight interview conducted with Prince Andrew. Starring Gillian Anderson, Keeley Hawes, and Romola Garai.
  • Suzume (2023) – Anime movie from Toho.
  • The Antisocial Network: Memes to Mayhem (2024) Netflix Original – How a group of teenagers built an online community that led to the rise of QAnon and the January 6th riots.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 8th

Megan Leavey New On Netflix April 2024

Picture: Bleecker Street

  • Megan Leavey (2017) – Kata Mara stars in this biopic on Marine Corporal Megan Leavey who forms a powerful relationship with a combat dog called Rex while in Iraq.
  • Spirit Rangers (Season 3) Netflix Original – Latest season of the animated pre-school series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 9th

  • Destiny (Season 1) – New Episodes Weekly – Japanese live-action drama series.
  • Gomburza (2023) – Philippine historical biographical film co-written and directed by Pepe Diokno.
  • Neal Brennan: Crazy Good (2024) Netflix Original – Stand-up comedy special.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 10th

  • Anthracite (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Fanny Robert and Maxime Berthemy are behind this new French crime thriller.
  • Death Whisperer (2023) – Indonesian horror.
  • The Hijacking of Flight 601 (Season 1) Netflix Original – Directed by Camilo Prince and Pablo González, this series is based on the longest aerial hijacking in Latin American history.
  • Unlocked: A Jail Experiment (Season 1) Netflix Original – A sheriff implements a radical social experiment in this reality series.
  • What Jennifer Did (2024) Netflix Original – True-crime documentary.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 11th

  • As The Crow Flies (Season 2) Netflix Original – Turkish drama series.
Baby Reindeer Netflix Series Everything You Need To Know

Picture: Netflix

  • Baby Reindeer (Limited Series) Netflix Original
  • Heartbreak High (Season 2) Netflix Original – Australian teen drama series.
  • Meekah (Season 2) 
  • Midsummer Night (Season 1) Netflix Original – Norwegian drama about a family get-together that goes incredibly wrong when secrets come to light.
  • The Bricklayer (2023) – SVOD debut of the Aaron Eckhart action thriller.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 12th

  • A Journey (2024) Netflix Original – Philippines movie.
  • Amar Singh Chamkila (2024) Netflix Original – Indian musical film starring Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, and Anurag Arora.
  • Good Times (Season 1) Netflix Original – Animated adult sitcom serving as a reimagining of the original series.
  • Love, Divided (2024) Netflix Original – Spanish film that’s a remake of the French title Behind the Wall.
  • Smart Casual (2024) – African film.
  • Stolen (2024) Netflix Original – Swedish thriller about a young woman tracking down a killer to settle a personal score.
  • Strange Way of Life (2023) – Short film starring Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal.
Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp First Look Images 1

Cr: Universal Studios © 2023

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 13th

  • Ripe for the Picking (2024) – Live-action Japanese drama movie based on the manga.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 15th

  • Hans Zimmer: Hollywood Rebel (2022) – BBC documentary on the famous composer who has scored the likes of Interstellar.
Killing Eve New On Netflix April 2024

Picture: BBC

  • Killing Eve (Seasons 1-4)British spy thriller comedy series starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.
  • KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! (Multiple Seasons) – Anime series.
  • MOB PSYCHO 100 (Seasons 1-2) – For the first time, this beloved anime series is coming to Netflix.
  • Overlord (Seasons 1-4) – Anime series.
  • The Fairly OddParents (Seasons 4-5) – New seasons of the Nickelodeon animated series.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files (New Seasons) – Classic anime series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 16th

  • Anna (2019) – Action thriller about a woman who becomes a KGB assassin. Starring Sasha Luss, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, and Helen Mirren.

  • Knocked Up (2007) – Classic comedy starring Seth Rogen.
  • Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer (2024) Netflix Original – Second stand-up special from the British comedian.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 17th

Black Sails On Netflix In April 2024

Picture: Starz

  • Black Sails (Seasons 1-4) – The pirate adventures of Captain Flint and his men set 20 years before Treasure Island.
  • Don’t Hate the Player (Season 1) Netflix Original – French competition reality series.
  • Our Living World (Season 1) Netflix Original – 4 episode nature documentary series narrated by Cate Blanchett.
  • The Circle (Season 6) Netflix Original – Latest season of the dating reality series.
  • The Grimm Variations (Season 1) Netflix Original – Brothers Grimm anthology series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 18th

  • Barbie: A Touch of Magic (Season 2) – 13 new episodes of the animated series. “When a magical crystal gem goes missing, Barbie and Barbie are on the case! Balancing their teenage lives in Malibu and their trips to the magical realm of Mesmer, they encounter new fantastical friends throughout.”

  • Bros (Season 1) Netflix Original – Israeli drama series.
  • The Upshaws (Part 5) Netflix Original – Comedy sitcom series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 19th

  • Extremely Inappropriate! (New Epsidoes Weekly) – Japanese variety series.
  • Rebel Moon: Part Two: The Scargiver (2024) Netflix Original – Zack Snyder’s second sci-fi epic following the first movie releasing in December 2023.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 20th

Freuds Last Session Netflix April 2024

Picture: Sony Pictures Classic

  • Freud’s Last Session (2023) – The streaming debut of this drama that depicts C. S. Lewis debating the subject of God with Sigmund Freud. Starring Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 21st

  • Duran Duran: There’s Something You Should Know (2018) – BBC documentary on the successful musicians.
  • Shaman King: Flowers (Season 1) – Anime series that serves as a sequel to the series that’s already on Netflix.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 22nd

  • Ahead of the Curve (2020) – Documentary on Franco Stevens who started the lesbian magazine.
  • CoComelon Lane (Season 2) Netflix Original – The second season of the more grown-up Moonbug series that’s exclusive to Netflix.
  • Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen (2024) Netflix Original – British stand-up comedy special.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 23rd

Anyone But You New On Netflix April 2024

Picture: Netflix

  • Anyone But You (2023) – Sony Pictures big rom-com starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.
  • Brigands: The Quest for Gold (Season 1) Netflix Original – Italian period Western series about a risky treasure hunt.
  • Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust? (Season 1) Netflix Original – New European competition reality series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 24th

  • Deliver Me (Season 1) Netflix Original – Swedish crime drama series about two young teens recruited into a local gang.
  • King Richard (2021) – Sports drama that netted Will Smith his long-awaited Oscar. Based on the story of the Williams sisters.
  • TLC Forever (2023) – Documentary on the iconic music group.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 25th

City Hunter Netflix

Picture: Netflix

  • City Hunter (2024) Netflix Original – Japanese live-action adaptation of the manga starring Ryohei Suzuki and Misato Morita. About a premier “sweeper” navigating the gritty underbelly of modern-day Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • Dead Boy Detectives (Season 1) Netflix OriginalSupernatural drama series set in the same world as The Sandman.
  • Face to Face (2023)
  • Miller’s Girl (2023) – The streaming debut of the Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega thriller.

  • Siksa Neraka (2023) – Bollywood movie.
  • The Doomsday Cult of Antares De La Luz (2024) Netflix Original – True-crime documentary.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 26th

  • Goodbye Earth (Season 1) Netflix Original – South Korean series that “depicts the planet in chaos, with 200 days left before an asteroid destroys it, and the stories of those living their remaining days on Earth.”
  • Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut (2024) Netflix Original – Documentary on the digestive system.
  • Real Estate Sisters (2023) – African drama about two siblings becoming luxury property real estate agents.
  • The Asunta Case (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Spanish crime drama series about a couple who report their daughter missing only for the investigation to turn around on them. Based on true events.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 27th

  • Military Prosecutor Doberman (Limited Series) – K-drama series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 29th

Boiling Point New On Netflix April 2024

Picture: BBC

  • Boiling Point (Season 1) – Stephen Graham and Vinette Robinson star in the BBC series follow-up to the 2021 movie set in a busy kitchen.
  • Honeymoonish (2024) Netflix Original – Kuwati romantic comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on April 30th

  • Fiasco (Season 1) Netflix Original –  French comedy series about a young director setting out to make his first film.
My Next Guest John Mulaney Netflix Special

Picture: Netflix

  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: John Mulaney (2024) Netflix Original –  John Mulaney returns to his Chicago high school with David Letterman as they candidly discuss fatherhood, the life of stand-up comedy and addiction.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in April 2024? Let us know in the comments down below.

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