When Will Season 3 of ‘Queen of the South’ be on Netflix?

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Queen of the South season 3 – USA Network

Queen of the South season 3 has gotten its US release date for May 2019. The USANetwork show which has been compared to Breaking Bad returned for its third season in 2018 is is coming to Netflix. Here’s the full release schedule for Queen of the South season 3. 

The show has quickly become one of the most popular on Netflix. The series stars Alice Braga who plays Teresa Mendoza, an immigrant who flees Mexico having been involved in the drug trade. Her new life in Dallas sees her return to her old life as she becomes the biggest drug smuggler in the south.

Season 3 began on June 21st on USA Network is now around just under halfway through the third season. The third season sees Teresa in hiding in Malta having had her business crumble in season 2.

When will season 3 of Queen of the South be on Netflix in the United States?

Much like USA Network’s other titles on Netflix like Shooter, the network uses Netflix as a way of promoting the upcoming series. Unfortunately, the time USA Network predicts to be the best time to release is shortly before a new season starts airing.

Season 2 landed in the United States in May 2018 and we expected season 3 to once again be added to Netflix in May 2019. That’s exactly what happened, the show is due to release on Netflix in the United States on May 7th, 2019.

Release date for season 3 of Queen of the South

Can’t wait? There are some other options. USA Network has a streaming application that you can register to watch its shows on catchup. Sadly, Hulu doesn’t hold the catchup rights to Queen of the South so that’s your only other option.

When will season 3 of Queen of the South be on other Netflix regions?

Most of the other English speaking countries are also in line for the new season of Queen of the South. The United Kingdom gets new seasons in June. The same can be said for Australia. Canada, however, gets new seasons in July.

For other regions, if Netflix is carrying season 1 and 2 at the moment, you’ll also be the recipient for season 3 in summer 2019.

Will there be a season 4 of Queen of the South?

Yes! USANetwork has already given the green light for season 4 of Queen of the South which is due out later in 2019.

Are you looking forward to season 3 of Queen of the South joining Netflix? Let us know down in the comments.

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