When will Season 4 of Kim’s Convenience be on Netflix?

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Kim’s Convenience has quickly become one of our favorite hidden gems on Netflix with three seasons currently streaming. With the fourth season of Kim’s Convenience now wrapped, when will season 4 of Kim’s Convenience be on Netflix? Let’s take a look.

Some of Canada’s biggest shows have made their way onto Netflix in recent years as Netflix continues expanding its content library around the world. CBC is the national broadcaster for Canada and many of its titles find their way onto Netflix. These include the likes of Northern Rescue, Schitt’s Creek and Workin’ Moms.

Kim’s Convenience is a sitcom that began on CBC back in 2016 that focuses on a family running a convenience store in a bustling city that you can actually visit. The family itself is Korean Canadian and the show follows their family antics and the unusual occurrences in the shop.

When Kim’s Convenience has arrived on Netflix so far

Let’s now take a look at when previous seasons have dropped.

The first two seasons of Kim’s Convenience dropped on Netflix back in August 2018. Season 3 dropped onto Netflix in most regions around the world just a day after its CBC finale aired. Season 3 dropped on April 3rd, 2019.

When will Kim’s Convenience season 4 be on Netflix in the US?

Netflix rarely gets shows this soon after they air with the exception of The CW library which comes to Netflix in a similar fashion.

In March 2020, it was confirmed that Kim’s Convenience would be on Netflix in the United States on April 1st, 2020.

Will Kim’s Convenience season 4 be on Netflix in other regions?

Absolutely. Multiple regions including the likes of the United Kingdom, Australia and some other countries around the world will also be getting season 4 of Kim’s Convenience.

Season 3 in these regions should also follow the same schedule as the United States means you can expect it around a similar time. However, as of March 20th when we do have the US release, it’s yet to be confirmed whether it’ll also be following suit.

Netflix Canada will also see the new season added but a little while after the other aforementioned regions. Season 3 of Kim’s Convenience arrived on Netflix Canada in October 2019 so therefore, we’re expecting season 4 to arrive on Netflix CA in October 2020 at the absolute earliest.

We’ll keep this updated as we learn more of release dates as they become available but in the meantime, let us know if you’re excited for season 4 in the comments below.

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