When will Season 5 of Resurrection: Ertugrul be on Netflix?

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Resurrection Ertugrul Season 5 Netflix

Turkish shows have become very popular on Netflix and among the most popular is Resurrection: Ertugrul. Season 4 recently dropped on Netflix which is already leading many to ask when will season 5 be coming to Netflix. Here’s what we know about season 5 plus when it’ll likely drop on Netflix. 

Let’s start off with the good news, there are new episodes of the show on the way. Season 5 began on Turkish television back in November 2018 and is currently airing new episodes with season 5 concluding on May 29th, 2019.  Season 5 consists of 29 episodes. There’s no word on a season 6 as of yet but would likely release in late 2019.

How Resurrection: Ertugrul has released on Netflix so far

Netflix has been behind on Resurrection for a number of years but that’s probably down to things outside of Netflix’s control.

Seasons 1 and 2 were added back in April 2017. Fans then had to wait two years for season 3 to be added and shortly after that season 4 was added.

Season 4 was the most recent season to get added to Netflix although it was removed slightly after its first addition. The reason for this remains unclear but given the size of the show, it’s likely a translation or licensing issue that needed to be ironed out.

When will season 5 of Resurrection: Ertugrul be on Netflix?

Sadly, it may be a while for seasons 5 and potentially even season 6 to arrive on Netflix. In fact, if it’s based on previous additions, it may not be until 2021 until we get new episodes of the Turkish series when both season 5 and 6 will be added together.

The best case scenario is that new episodes arrive next March/April (2020) when the contract likely gets renewed.

What takes so long? Well, with a series with the number of episodes as this series, there are multiple translations that need to be worked on which currently includes English subtitles, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Is there an alternative to Netflix to watch Resurrection: Ertugrul

Besides some episodes ending up on YouTube (but often swiftly taken down) the series remains exclusive to Netflix. Of course, there’s plenty of other Turkish series on Netflix to watch in the meantime.

Are you looking forward to new episodes of Resurrection: Ertugrul on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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