When will Season 6 of Scandal be on Netflix?


Scandal is currently on its sixth season on ABC and many want to know when season 6 of Scandal will be coming to Netflix in the US and elsewhere. We’re going to take a look through the past few years to find out when the Netflix release date will be!

Netflix has plenty of political shows but Scandal offers something slightly different, offering a perspective of someone who used to be in the White House but is no longer. Our main protagonist is Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, who starts her own crisis management firm and bites off more than she can chew. Season 6 has been fantastic so far.

If you’ve been hesitant to jump into Scandal because it’s going to end soon, you’re most definitely wrong. In February 2017, ABC renewed the show for a seventh season – get in! That’s slightly odd as season 6 is a much shorter season than usual cutting from 20-something episodes to only 16.

Let’s begin with the United States Netflix release date for Scandal season 6. For the past three years, Netflix has always released a new season of Scandal every June. We suspect it’ll be the same this year. That means that the US will most likely grab the license to season 6 in June 2017. We’ll know for certain on the monthly preview that’ll be available on the last week of May 2017. This is around a month after the season 6 finale airs on ABC.

Here’s when the past seasons were added to Netflix:

  • Season 5 was added on June 11th, 2016
  • Season 4 was added in June 2015
  • Season 3 was added in June 2014

Sadly, the US is one of the only countries that offer the show. For the United Kingdom, Sky picks up the rights to the show each year.

For Netflix DVD customers, the box set will be available in August 2017.

We hope that gives you a good idea of when Scandal will be releasing on Netflix, are you looking forward to catching up on the new season? Let us know down below.


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