Introducing Netflix Original Documentary Series ‘The Keepers’

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Netflix has put out some stunning documentaries in the past few years and they hope to continue that with season 1 of a new documentary series called ‘The Keepers’. The seven-part series will look at the real life case of the unsolved murder of a nun by the name of Cathy. Below,  we’re going to take an in-depth look at the documentary series and a preview for you dive in when it lands on Netflix worldwide on May 19th, 2017.

The series will follow the disappearance and subsequent death of a high-profile Baltimore nun, Cathy Cesnik, which to this day, the case is still open for. Much like the massive Making a Murder series that came to Netflix in 2016, the series will be taking a look at the official account of what happened and explore some other widely disputed theories as to what happened.

The story takes a massive turn when in the 1990’s one of Cathy’s former students comes out and reveals of a widespread sexual abuse scandal that took place plus additional details that have been refuted since.

The Keepers – Map of where Cathy’s body was found

Who’s behind the series?

Ryan White is the director of the show who has worked on an HBO documentary movie called The Case Against 8 which takes a look at a political battle that took place to overturn California’s Proposition 8. That documentary released in 2014. He also has worked on a documentary called Good Ol’ Freda which follows the creator of The Beatles fan group. Most recently, he produced the 2016 documentary Serena that takes a look into the life of the world champion of female tennis, Serena Williams.

Sadly, none of Ryan White’s back catalog is available on Netflix.

The Keepers Trailer

The 2-minute trailer landed on 19th April and gave us a glimpse as to what to expect in the brand new documentary series. The show takes real life accounts of the events from those that knew Cathy as well as historians who provide insight as to what happens.

What to Watch on Netflix Similar to The Keepers

While you’re waiting for the new series to drop, here’s a few suggestions. We mentioned it earlier but Making a Murderer is very similar to this show. It looks into the case of Steven Avery who was supposedly falsely accused of a murder. The series is slightly longer and definitely takes a bit more of an in-depth approach, especially when it comes to the court scenes, but overall it’s a great alternative. Add to that a second season is on the way.

Another Netflix Original you should check out is Team Foxcatcher. Although this murder was solved, it still tells a heartbreaking story of a well-known public figure who was murdered.

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